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Cornerstones of Black History--Garrett Morgan

Garret Morgan Garret Morgan

We see traffic lights everywhere, but have you ever thought about who invented them? Garrett Morgan was a high school dropout when he designed what has become one of the most important parts of motor vehicle safety in the world today, credited with saving countless lives. Morgan sold the rights to General Electric for $40,000. Even though Morgan's model has been modified, without his basic design, automobile travel would not be the same.

This talented inventor did not stop there. He went on to create the gas mask, which gained him national acclaim when he used it to successfully rescue more than a dozen men from a mine shaft. Even though Morgan never fought for our country, he's credited with being a World War I hero. His gas mask proved to be key during the war because gas was the German army's main weapon. The mask filtered out the impurities and allowed soldiers to breathe.

Reported by: Dawn Baker,


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