Bulldogs building resiliency through close wins

By Tim Guidera - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - They've been harder to figure out than to beat the last three weeks, the Georgia Bulldogs' third straight come-from-behind victory Saturday making it difficult to know just where this team is coming from.

"I don't know what to say other than we did it a again,'' UGA coach Mark Richt said after UGA's 20-17 defeated Arizona State 20-17 on a last-second field goal Saturday. "We found a way to win a close one. First we found a way to make it close, then we found a way to win it.''

So now the bulldogs find themselves developing an identity that could be as valuable as the wins revealing it.

"These tough games and these nail-biters have really turned us into a resilient team,'' said Junior linebacker Rennie Curran.

"I think it bring the team together,'' added senior defensive end Jeff Owens. "The more battles, the more the team can rely on each other. If you don't face adversity, you don't know what to expect.''

The Dogs have faced adversity every week, trailing in every game they have played so far.

And to fans who found it as hard to relax as stay dry Saturday in Athens, they say to expect even more.

"There's going to be some tough times,'' said senior quarterback Joe Cox. "We've already had four tough games and that's not going to be the last one. And you can go ahead and say to everyone that's not going to be the last close game we play.''

But after the last three weeks, Richt says he thinks he knows how this Georgia team will respond in those games.

"I will say I like them. I like them,'' Richt said of this year's Bulldogs. "They're a great group of guys and they had a great off-season.

"They try. I believe in my heart they're trying to do everything we ask them.''

They just also seem to be trying and succeeding to give their fans as many scares as thrills along the way.

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