Violence at Hilton Head High

A sheriff's deputy patrols the halls of HH High.
A sheriff's deputy patrols the halls of HH High.

Two Beaufort County Deputies were staking out the hallways at Hilton Head High School yesterday and today, trying to keep more violence from breaking out. The problems started early Friday morning before school when 11 students got in a fight in the lunchroom over a rap song. All 11 students were suspended and charged with disturbing the school.

"We were very concerned," said parent Lisa Nelson.

Later that evening, after the basketball game, shots were fired in the parking lot.

"When somebody heard shots, a basketball game was let out, so cars and people were going in every direction," said sheriff's spokesperson Debbie Szpanka.

Beaufort County deputies are still investigating and don't know whether or not the two incidents are related. But while the deputies have increased their presence, school officials say they don't plan on increasing security.

"We're not making any major changes at this point," said principal Dr. Helen Ryan. "We don't really think that the incident is going to reoccur for any reason."

However, the principal tells us she is planning to enforce the school's current plans, including utilizing the eight hall monitors throughout the campus, checking student photo ID cards, and having teachers on the lookout.

"Make sure that if they notice something different is going on," she said. "That they keep us informed, that they're at their doors in between the classes, before school starts."

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,