Tomachichi Retiring

Rufus Peters as Tomachichi.
Rufus Peters as Tomachichi.

It's a big day for the State of Georgia. The Peach State turns 270 years old, and Chatham County students really know how to celebrate. They took to the streets for the Annual Georgia Day Parade. Today was also the last day for the great Chief Tomachichi.

Parade day is always a special one for Rufus Peters. For thirty years he's walked with kids down the parade route as one of its most important figures, Tomachichi.

"I love to see the kids and the kids love Tomachichi," Peters said. "They don't know Oglethorpe, they call him George Washington, but they all know Tomachichi."

General Oglethorpe couldn't have done it without Tomachici, and it would have been hard to do these celebrations without Rufus Peters as Tomachichi. But the chief is retiring.

"Thirty years, long time," he said. "It's time to give it up."

But he promises to never forget all the children he's spoken with over the years, helping teachers bring Georgia's history to life.

Superintendent John O'Sullivan said, "It's neat to see the kids in costume, and if they understand the rich history that's associated with it, then it's worth every minute."

It's time well spent to these kids, who are doing their part to preserve Georgia's rich history. If you missed the Georgia Day Parade, you can catch all of the highlights on WTOC, Saturday at 7:30pm.

Reported by: Ryan Young,