Two Children Hit Update

The truck, dented from the accident.
The truck, dented from the accident.

A pickup truck hit two children as they crossed the street to meet up with some friends in the Low Country this morning. A third child's pause to reach for his book bag kept him from getting hit. WTOC was first on the scene, where a normal wait at a bus stop on Highway 280  in Burton became something much worse.

"We looked left and right and Jason is like, 'Let's cross the road,'" witness DaRon Fripp told us. "So I bent over to pick up my book bag and I heard a car motor and I heard it pick up speed. I looked and I saw the car and I called Jason and Cassandra and I was like, 'Come back, come back, hurry.'"

But the warning came too late for 12-year-old Casandra Staff-Casett and 13-year-old Jason Singleton as they ran into the path of Glen Freeman's truck Freeman, a drill instructor, was headed to Parris Island for work.

"Jason turned around, he was right there and he jumped," recalled DaRon. "His head hit the glass window and Cassandra, she screamed and she tried to run off, but she got hit from the car and landed over there somewhere."

That's when their friend DaRon took off his shirt to waive down a motorist so he could get help.

"When I went to pick up the phone, it hit me," he said. "It just seemed like I woke up from a dream."

But this was no dream. It's a wake-up call.

"When daybreak is upon us and kids are waiting for their buses, all drivers should be more cognizant and aware," Cpl. Paul Brouthers of the South Carolina State Patrol told us.

Patrolmen say the driver was not speeding or disobeying the law and he will not be charged. However, he was pretty shaken up by the whole incident.

Jason Singleton is in critical condition in Charleston, and Casandra Staff-Casett remains in critical condition in Savannah.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,