Homeowner defends home after late night break-in

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Early Saturday morning, police found a man shot to death along West 35th Street and Jefferson. Minutes earlier Lauren McKinney knew something was wrong.

"I was putting a movie into the dvd player," said Lauren McKinney. "I heard a shot, thought my neighbors were slamming the door, then I heard another. Come to find out it was a gun shot."

Lauren was home alone and her roommates were still out.

"I was a little shocked," said Lauren McKinney. "I walked to my front door and i didn't want to open it. I just looked out then ran back to the living room and started calling my roommates - find out where they were. I was by myself."

Around 1:50 Saturday morning, Savannah-Chatham Metro Police received a call about a burglary in process down the street. A few minutes later another call came in about shots fired. When police arrived they discovered the body of 38 year-old Elijah Castle near several parked cars. Police say a girl inside the home woke up and spotted Castle on the porch trying to break-in to their home - just a few houses away from Lauren's. She woke her family up and the homeowner, Herbert Bryant, fired shots at Castle which killed him.

The street was blocked off for several hours. Lauren's roommates made it home ok, but the scene outside is one they hope they don't see again.

Police say the homeowner, Herbert Bryant, was questioned and released.

No word yet on if any charges will be filed.

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