Antiwar Rally in Savannah

Hundreds of people in Savannah joined millions around the world as part of Saturday's international day of protest against war in Iraq. The organizers of Savannah's rally, known as Rock for Peace, wanted to broadcast an antiwar message, and let others in Savannah, who are questioning the case for invading Iraq, know that they are not alone.

Many who attended the demonstration say the fight the American government is pushing is all about oil. And the majority of protesters do not think President Bush made a strong enough case for invading Iraq. Even some military personnel feel war is not justified.

"I don't want my friends that are in the military, and I don't my fellow brother Marines, being sent into this conflict," said Desert Storm veteran Richard Dipirro. "I don't think it's justified, and I hate to see any of them harmed or killed."

Those protesting on Saturday also said America has plenty of problems here at home that need to be taken care of. They feel those problems are being ignored.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,