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Lighter Looks Like Child's Plaything

Which one is dangerous? Which one is dangerous?
The silver car is really a butane lighter. The silver car is really a butane lighter.

Toy cars are always a kid's favorite. But one "toy" hides a surprising and dangerous secret. One of the three toy cars pictured here has some parents taking notice. It looks just like a Hot Wheels car, but it is in fact a lighter.

Lt. John Frank of the Southside Fire Department told us, "We want it pulled. We want parents to be aware it's out there."

Firefighters like Frank want cars like this pulled from the shelves of Advanced Auto Parts where they're sold. He says its design could lead to danger.

"This is a danger to kids; it looks just like a Matchbox car," he said.

To make matters worse, this butane lighter burns hotter and longer than most.

"There's no safety device on it, like a regular lighter. It's butane, which burns hotter," Frank said.

Most parents agree. Local firefighters have contacted state officials, hoping a strong campaign will knock these lighters right off the shelves. Advanced Auto Parts didn't want to comment on the lighters, but they're still selling them.

Reported by: Ryan Young,

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