Sheriff Accused of Sexual Assault

Sheriff Clyde Smith
Sheriff Clyde Smith

A former deputy is accusing Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith of forcing himself on her sexually. The woman's name is Teresa Futch, and yesterday she and her lawyer filed a civil lawsuit in Bryan County's Superior Court. She says on two occasions, Sheriff Smith forced her to commit sexual acts.

For four years Futch worked as a Bryan County deputy sheriff. She says she left because Smith forced her to quit. Her strong accusations against the sheriff come almost two years later.

The lawsuit says:

"The sheriff pushed his way into the house, he told her not to scream, and pushed her into the bedroom and onto the bed."

The lawsuit goes on to say Sheriff Smith sexually assaulted Futch then told her not to tell anyone or "he would have her job and he would see to it that her children were taken away from her."

Sheriff Smith would not go on camera, but he did release statements saying the lawsuit is an effort of a small group of former sheriffs department employees and a few other disgruntled individuals who have committed crimes and other offenses. Smith also says, "Each of these complaints will be vigorously defended."

Teresa Futch is asking for more than $5 million in this lawsuit. Sheriff Smith has been served with the papers and he has 30 days to respond.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,