Stars come out during The Conspirator filming

By Justin Burrows - email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Until now, Robert Redford's film The Conspirator, has been hiding in neighborhoods, staying off the beaten path. But today, there was no hiding the production on Bay Street.

"This is probably the most invasive set-up we will probably have during the whole film," said  Jay Self from the Savannah Film Office.

The film was shooting in the Customs House on Bay Street today, and in order to fit all the trucks, cranes, lights and filming, they had to shut down Bull Street between Bay and Bryan.

"In 1865, you couldn't have had truck noises and traffic noises we have so we're trying to do some traffic control to keep it quiet, but those stops are short, well planned and letting traffic go between those stops," said Self.

The only traffic that seemed to be backed up was the foot traffic, and they didn't mind the hold up.

"Seeing the period clothing and all kind of that stuff got me interested, so I figured I would watch for a moment," said Brian Armstrong, who was passing by the set.

"Its really cool. It's going on all around downtown and I live downtown so seeing them all over here is awesome," said Heather Friend, who is a grad student at SCAD.

Everybody was looking for that chance to get a peek at some of the stars, and today, they didn't disappoint.

Fans got a chance to get a quick glimpse of Robert Redford and Kevin Kline this afternoon between takes, even if they weren't what they expected.

"No, totally not, none of them are," exclaimed Friend,who played volleyball at SCAD for 4 years. 'I'm like, you all are so short."

"I expected him to come out in a limousine," said Joe Celento, a local business owner in Savannah.

Everybody we spoke with agreed, despite some minor delays, this kind of star power is good for Savannah

"It's a great boom for the economy," said Celento. "Having a movie here like this. Hopefully it will get some national exposure again and more people coming to savannah. Six-million visitors a year and it just makes Savannah that much better."

Filming will continue here through Thursday at midnight and then pick back up Monday and Tuesday next week.

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