Fuel and Port Delays Costing Truckers

The soaring gas prices have many folks concerned, but imagine having to fill up a tractor-trailer. It takes a lot of gas, and these days, that means a lot of money. Last night, dozens of truck drivers gathered at the Farmers Market to talk about it. They're concerned about rising gas prices.

That, along with long lines at the ports, is costing them a lot of money. Many say it's even tough to break even. Now the truckers are starting a petition. They'll send it to Governor Sonny Perdue in hopes of getting him to help them eliminate the long lines at the ports.

"What needs to be done here is, we need to approach the trucking companies that we work for and try to explain to them the reason why we need more money," independent trucker Mark Vogelaar told us. "And if we don't get more money, what we need to do then is just go home."

Truckers are saying that lost time at the ports is forcing a lot of drivers out of the business.

Reported by: Dawn Baker, dbaker@wtoc.com