Stabbing Victim Knew His Attacker

William Ray Hills
William Ray Hills

There was a bizarre attack this morning, as a Savannah man stabs one man to death, then tries to kill his ex-fiance in a crowded emergency room. Police aren't yet releasing the male victim's name, but they tell us he was staying in Room 227 at the hotel Econo Lodge on Highway 204 by Interstate 95, and was a friend of the suspect. They also tell us that last night, the suspect, William Ray Hills, was with him.

Only doors down from where a murder took place, hotel guests say they never heard a sound coming from room 227.

Police say both men had been at the hotel room Wednesday night, but it wasn't until early Thursday morning that Hills repeatedly stabbed his friend, killing him. He then left on a deadly mission to kill again, this time his ex-fiance, who worked at nearby St. Joseph's Hospital. He was arrested there, and told police about his earlier crime.

"He made an unsolicited statement to one of the deputies on scene that there was a body out here we'd probably want to come pick up," Chatham County police Capt. Bob Merriman told us.

Police found the body and spent the morning removing evidence from the room. As for Hills, police say he too received minor injuries from this morning's mayhem, "probably from hand slippage on the knife because it's so bloody," according to Capt. Merriman.

Police aren't sure how these two stabbings are connected.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,