Complaint Filed Last Week on Double Stabbing Suspect

William Ray Hills
William Ray Hills

Prayer is what brought Pastor Vincent Drummer to St. Joseph's Hospital this morning. He wanted to help heal the soul of a friend, but his prayers were soon interrupted.

"I heard all the noise and commotion and the lady hollering for help," he told us.

It wasn't long before he started praying again, this time he wanted the Lord to send help for Julie Stokes, a woman police say was being attacked by her ex-fiance, William Ray Hills. Stokes was stabbed several times with a knife. By then, everyone inside knew something was very wrong and the response was quick.

"Our sheriff's department deputy responded quickly, along with our security, we were able to subdue the individual," Bob Staples of the hospital's security staff said.

We have also learned this isn't the suspect's first brush with the law. Just last week, Julie Stokes filed a report with Port Wentworth police saying Hills kidnapped her. She states that William Ray Hills has some mental problems, has been depressed lately, and has been using drugs. She states that Hills told her that he didn't want to hurt her, but "you will leave me no choice."

We've been told that Stokes is now in good condition. Since she was attacked at the hospital, she was able to be treated right away.

Reported by: Ryan Young,