Family of Stabbing Victim Speaks Out

Hills in court today.
Hills in court today.

The man police say went on a stabbing spree yesterday made his first appearance in court today. William Ray Hills told Judge Mary Catherine Moss that he did not have a lawyer and would need the court to appointed one to represent him. Hills faces charges of murder and aggravated assault with intent to kill. He will enter a plea at his next court date set for March 6.

Detectives are still trying to sort out why Hills was on a mission to kill yesterday, and the family of one of the victims, Shawn Anderson, is speaking out. The family is still in complete shock that they lost their loved one in such a horrible way, and they say they want Hills to pay for what he did.

"Anybody that knows Shawn cannot find one bad thing to say about him," said his uncle, Terry Lee Young.

Police are still investigating the connection between Shawn Anderson and William Hills, the man now facing charges for his murder. Police say they don't know why both were at a hotel room Wednesday night, nor do they know what led to the deadly attack.

"I don't know, I don't know what kind of friend he was," Young told us. "I never met the guy, that's why I was [in court] today, so I could see him."

Along with the murder, Hills also faces aggravated assault charges for attempting to stab his ex-fiance to death at Saint Joseph's Hospital shortly after that.

"I don't know if it's jealousy," said Young. "I know Shawn was trying to help him, he was working with him because the guy was needing help to get some child support for his kid."

Now the family worries about Shawn's child, his one-year-old daughter who they say was very close to her father.

"He would work during the day and then come work with me at night to try and make money to take care of her," Young explained.

Police are still trying to put together the pieces of this week's mystery. As for the family, they say they know how they want this all to end.

"I hope they fry him. I'll be there every time he goes to court, I'll be there," Young said.

And as for Julie Stokes, the woman attacked while working at St. Joseph's yesterday, she is still in good condition.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,