Family of MG Tony Cucolo react to Fort Hood shooting

Ginger Cucolo
Ginger Cucolo

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

FORT STEWART, (WTOC) - The tragedy in Texas hits hard in military communities like ours, especially among families who've spent time at Fort Hood.

Third ID Commander Tony Cucolo's family was stationed at Fort Hood for a number of years and while Major General Cucolo is overseas and couldn't comment, his wife Ginger Cucolo spoke to WTOC about Thursday's shooting spree.

Mrs. Cucolo says she was completely shocked when she heard the news. "It's just really hard to wrap around the thought that one of our own could possibly have done this," said Cucolo.

Cucolo grew up in Temple, Texas and was stationed at Fort Hood twice with her husband.  She says this could have happened anywhere.

"Fort Hood has so much military and soldiers that you would think nothing like this would occur," said Cucolo.

She says she hates the families are having to deal with this, but says that Fort Hood is a strong community and they will pull through.

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