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Tragedy at Fort Hood felt in Hinesville

Tammie Taylor Tammie Taylor
William Miranda, veteran William Miranda, veteran
Leon Boyce, veteran Leon Boyce, veteran

By Dal Cannady bio | email

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - The tragedy at Fort Hood resonates through our community. Many current and former Fort Stewart soldiers have served at Fort Hood.

The heavy hearts in Hinesville could make you think Fort Hood was right next door. At places like Poole's Deli, there was no shortage of feelings for soldiers and families a thousand miles away.

"You don't' think about it happening here until it happeNs somewhere," said Tammie Taylor from Glennville. "It's devastating to think it could happen on American soil."

Veterans like William Miranda say they can't understand what pushed an Army Major to act this way.

"You're in the military, you have to serve your time," he said. "If you disagree, serve your time and get out honorably and move on."

But some soldiers WTOC talked to didn't want to talk on camera. They're as worried as others are outraged. They say the operation tempo and constant deployments have soldiers stressed like never before in American history. They worry we could see more tragedies if things don't change.

But most patriots have no empathy for anyone who'd turn on fellow soldiers whether in combat or here at home.

"That gentleman is just sickening to me," said Miranda.

"Justice needs to be served; he has to pay for what he's done," said veteran Leon Boyce.

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