Fort Hood shooting impacting soldiers

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Fort Hood shooting is having a huge impact across the country and in many ways you might never expect. Some soldiers flying out of Texas found themselves taking their uniforms off to avoid unwanted attention.

State Command Chief of the Georgia Air National Guard, Betty Morgan was one of the soldiers.  She was in Texas that day for a conference when she and her colleagues heard the awful news.

"Everybody was just so upset. They just could not believe that a person, a major, a person in the military, could do such a thing," said Morgan.

While Morgan and her colleagues watched what was going on over at Fort Hood, the folks at the conference realized traveling home in uniform might not be the best idea. "Because of what happened and because of high intensity of security they told us not to wear our uniforms because they didn't know what would happen. We would draw attention to ourselves," said Morgan.

Morgan understood and came home today in her civilian clothes. She knows this was only temporary, but what's not temporary is the pain so many people are feeling right now, a pain they shouldn't have to go through.

"It's not enough our people are dying overseas to help us here, but we have right here in our country. It's unbelievable, and a doctor at that," said Morgan.

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