Ft. Hood victims honored; wounded still recovering

By WTOC Staff

FT. HOOD, TX (WTOC) - There are more details in the tragic incident that happened at Fort Hood earlier this week.

Witnesses say Major Nidal Hasan stood on a desk at Fort Hood's Soldier Processing Center and started shooting, firing at least a hundred rounds from a semi-automatic handgun that was not government-issued.

Forty-six people were struck or grazed by bullets ricocheting off desks and the floor.

Saturday at the base, all of the names of the dead were read aloud.

For those who are still in the hospital, experts say the recovery will not be easy.

"There is a possibility that they will be physically impaired the rest of their lives and there's no doubt they will be psychologically impaired the rest of their lives," said chief of surgery Roy Smythe.

Hasan remains under guard at the Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio. Investigators will not say much about his condition except that he is not conscious.

President Obama and the First Lady will attend a memorial service for the victims in Texas on Tuesday.

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