Soldier witnesses Fort Hood attack, tells her story

Pfc. Angelia Johnson
Pfc. Angelia Johnson

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GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - For the first time, a soldier from Gladewater, Texas who was right in the crossfire at Fort Hood, shares her story.

Pfc. Angelia Johnson is now back in east Texas. She was one of many who rushed in to help the victims of the shooting.

"I love east Texas. This is where my heart is, where I was born, raised, I love this place," said Johnson looking over Lake Goldbeater.

For Pfc. Johnson, seeing of east Texas is a different scene from what she witnessed just days ago, when havoc ascended upon Fort hood.

"People started running and we could see people throwing chairs and out the windows. At first we didn't know what was going on because we couldn't here the gun shots, because the doors was closed," said Johnson.

Johnson was walking towards the readiness center where authorities say Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly started shooting.

"As people started running out, you saw people just drenched in blood and people were yelling, 'he's shooting, he's shooting.' My soldier skills kicked in immediately. I just ran down there and started helping people the best I could," said Johnson.

Johnson says it was the medic skills she learned that helped her help the wounded.

"We were bringing people in and bullets were flying so we were trying to protect them the best we could as possible. When it happened it didn't really set in. I saw the blood and it was all over me. It didn't really hit me until it was over," said Johnson. "The experience hurt pretty bad, I cried that whole night and I didn't want to talk to nobody so, I took it pretty hard."

For Johnson's bravery, her first lieutenant gave her an award.

"He presented a coin for my selfless service for willing to risk my life to save others. It means a lot to me. We have a soldier's creed that we live by and I'll live by it until the day I die. In it, it states, 'we're all warriors and a member of a team.' It's sad that one of our members decided that life to him wasn't worth what it is to us,"said Johnson.

A broken soldier's creed, innocent lives lost and a soldier forever changed.

Johnson tells us no one in her unit was hurt, but her heart still goes out to the families of the murdered soldiers.

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