Editorial - 11/09/09

PC'd To Death

There are no words to ease the agony, outrage and senseless loss caused by the vicious rampage of that American-born Army officer, whose devout Muslim beliefs degenerated from religious faith to politically-based Islamic-fanaticism, leaving in its wake 13 Fort Hood patriots dead and many others wounded.

The President was quick to caution about jumping to conclusions, which is interesting since he, himself, jumped to an erroneous one with that outstanding police officer. Tell you what, when Swedes begin mass murdering Americans, we'll wait, but given this tax-payer-educated ingrate's alleged repeated utterances and actions, the conclusion is clear.

This demonic act was almost certainly a pre-meditated, treasonous, act of terrorism, personal or otherwise, against his own nation and military, both of which he betrayed in pursuit of his radicalized views. And who's ultimately to blame? We are! We've become so ridiculous with our political-correctness; so afraid of offending, despite the truth; so overly-tolerant and self-effacing, pandering and apologizing to be liked; putting up with absurd challenges to our Constitution, laws, traditions and freedoms, that we've become a nation of enablers for those with evil intent. Case in point, failing to challenge or stop the open proselytizing, and statements against America's military mission, by this officer, repeatedly uttered and witnessed.

The Army should've booted him long ago, but can't be faulted, as we've all now been driven, by fear, to egg-shell sensitivity. Devout Muslim beliefs can't be challenged, yet the devoted Jewish and Christian faithful remain a continuing target of offensive-actions, insults, mockery and marginalization. In more ways than all of this, we've reached the height of absurdity in America. It's past time to knock-off the elite-ism and level the tolerance playing field. We must, however, pause to note with heartfelt thanks, the efforts of the Muslim faithful who, unseen, help maintain the security of our great nation, both in the community, and through their courageous FBI-work as interpreters, informants and terror-cell infiltrators, working at great risk, to prevent similar barbaric acts.

That said, with Veterans Day upon us, amidst the pain of Fort Hood, regardless of origin, race, or religion, this challenge to those in this magnificent nation, who refuse to accept, adopt and respect our traditions, laws, and freedoms. Either gain English-proficiency, fully-assimilate, contribute positively, and be ever- thankful for the incredible blessing it is to be here, or get the heck out!