Guardian Angels Coming to Savannah?

Guardian Angel Frank Lee.
Guardian Angel Frank Lee.
The Guardian Angels' mission is to help keep people from becoming victims of crime, and now they might be coming to Savannah. They started walking the streets in New York City in 1979, and crime in the areas they've patrolled has dropped nearly 40 percent.
"We're the extra eyes and ears of the citizens and the police department," Guardian Angel Frank Lee told us. 
Some Savannah business owners say the presence of these Angels is long overdue.
Guardian Angels public meeting: Wednesday, 6pm at Debi's Diner on State Street.

Guardian Angels online

"Everyone I know has been a victim of crime," said business owner Gerald Schantz. "If not once, twice or more, myself included."
Although these Angels don't believe in carrying weapons, they are armed with the skills necessary to prevent crime.
"Do we intervene if we see something? Yes, we do. Do we get physical? That's the last resort," said Lee.
"Just making their presence known is turning a light on and people don't want to do crime when there's a light on," said Shantz.

Whether these red berets become a permanent sight on the streets of Savannah will depend on whether or not the people of Savannah want Guardian Angels looking out for them. The group will be holding a public meeting this Wednesday at 6pm at Debi's Diner on State Street. If you'd like to attend or if you'd like more information on the Guardian Angels or how to become one, visit them online.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,