Editorial Feedback - 11/09/09

Viewers respond to PC'd To Death

Daniel Green
Sacramento, CA

Greetings from Sacramento Ca. I would like to thank your GM for his editorial on PC (saw it on youtube) and for calling it like it is. I wish we had 1 guy like him here in California to run the state...Thank God the south still has real men that speak the truth. Cudos to all of the TV station personel who made this happen.

Jim Small
Onarga, IL

Bill, Regarding your editorial after the Ft. Hood attack, I appreciate your boldness/courage in speaking up for this country and the American way of life.  Too many people run scared before political correctness.  I am tired of spin doctors twisting truth to fit their ideology.  Please continue to defend our nation.

Ken Rowe
Washington, NC

Your "PC'd to Death" editorial was spot-on, balanced, and something we should have been hearing from lots more of the major media.  I believe your assessment is totally in tune with public opinion (if you don't count the Acorn people.)  A revolt against this overboard political correctness could give rise in America to a Geert Wilder-type leader, who probably would garner strong support.  Some decry Wilder's very un-PC positions, but they may see him elected to a position in the European Union even stronger than his post in the Netherlands Parliament.  People are really getting fed up.

Mary French
Laguna Beach, CA

A friend sent us Bill Cathcart's editorial about being "PC'd to death" and we love it! We, too, are sick of hearing excuses for the evil actions of those who hate America!  Keep up the passion, Bill!

Jim Bunting
Pasco, WA

This is in reference to the editorial, PC'd to Death.  I could not have said it better myself.  The sheeple of this country have become so concerned about hurting somebody's feelings if they are a "minority", that we, the white americans that founded this country are becoming the minority very quickly.  I definitely do not side with the supremacists who think that they are better than others, however, I do believe that we should have every right to stand up for ourselves and do what we can to try and preserve the freedom that so many have fought and died for.  Lets not make all those sacrifices meaningless.  Let's start calling a spade a spade and quick tiptoe'ing around with the PC garbage!  It is so rediculous, I just can't stand watching the news anymore.  It is wroth with political correctness and makes me sick to listen to!  Thank you so much for saying what you did.  It is about time somebody said what we all are feeling!

Kathryn Brooks
Fort Wayne, IN

I have just received thru e mail the video of the editorial of 11/09/09, PC'd to Death.  This editorial absolutely needs to go on national television.  I have had enough of this this country mollycoddling traitors.

Susan Shackelford
Richmond, VA

Hip, hip hooray for the 11/9/09 editorial on political correctness gone wild. Finally a voice of reason.  I am seeing, reading and hearing more of this type of message every day.  I hope and pray that more and more of us who believe in the Constitution and who believe the country is headed in the wrong direction will continue speaking out.

penny neal
pryor, OK

Cudos to you Mr Cathcart!! You are trully a brave American and I stand and salute you for your homeland heroism. There are so few real men in the media who are willing to speak the simple truth. As you poinder out in your editorial on 11/09/09, pc'd to death. we need to wake up as a nation and to stand with truth and honor for this country. Thank you sir for being a mouth piece for us in this country. So you'll know. Your editorials are being e-mailed and passed on from one conserned American to another. Gods grace and protection be upon you!!

John Wiederkehr
Alpine, CA

I must say that it was a pleasure to watch and listen to the awesome editorial, PC'd to Death. It's great to see someone finally say what most of us want said and do not hear from the main stream media. Thank you for the real truth..

Don Dey
Moline, IL

THANK YOU for the editorial on the Ft. Hood editorial of Nov. 9th. I just got it from a friend in an email. You, sir, are a patriot!

Melanie Ferguson
Springfield, VA

I appreciate your courage in speaking what so many of us
believe related to the need for "political correctness"  instead of standing for the truth - I doubt we would here that up here on any of our newscasts in the D.C. area! - Thanks

Jay Schmidt
Ventura, CA

Your editorial, "PC'd to Death" is a superb piece of American journalism. Your courage and frankness caused your editorial to find its way from coast-to-coast, as a friend of mine in Southern California distributed the editorial's URL to his personal mailing list in an email he titled, "Someone finally said it on TV". Here in Southern California, where Obama is King and American's are viewed as unwelcome, your patriotism is refreshing and encouraging. I hope that it is not too late to save our country!

Thank you, and may God bless and enrich the airwaves that carry your messages.

Lance Bottari
Tavernier, FL

Having just watched your Pc'd to death 11/09/09, I couldn't agree more. Thank you for stating what I thought was obvious, but apparently not to many of those in power in this country. I only wish your station were one I could see regularly. Hats off to yo Mr. Cathcart.
Lance Bottari

Sharon Johnson
Mesquite, TX

Thank you for the editorial on the "terrorist" that killed the Fort Hood soldiers.  We need more news people to step up and tell it like it is.  Thank you and God bless.

Barbara Gieseking
Duluth, GA

The statements regarding the terror attack at Ft. Hood were right on...Lets all get the guts to be honest and NOT PC...before we lose this country entirely to the "progressives" who want us to become a nation of "all the same".  Thank you for standing up for what is truly right in this country.  Keep up the fine work.  B. Gieseking

bruce siebrand
escondido, CA

re: "pcd to death".
my first reaction was "RIGHT ON". you expressed my feelings and, i believe, the feelings of the majority of the american people .

Steve Lustro
Pomona, CA

Mr. Cathcart:
I just had the privilege of watching your November 9 editorial, "PC'd to Death," and I couldn't have said it better.  Thank you for having the guts to stand up and say what we are all thinking.  My like-minded friends and acquaintances and I are tired of seeing this great country go to hell in a handbasket.  Until more people like you stand up and speak the truth without fear of repercussions, we will continue down an ugly, slippery slope.  Your editorial should be required viewing for all journalists across America.

Jim Beard
Pawleys Island, SC

Per Nov. 9th "PC'd to death"
It is so refreshing to hear you make statements like these on the air! If more people like yourself did so, unapologeticlly, the true heart and mind of most of America would possibly feel safe enough to so as well, thus, getting the message to elected officials that we've had enough! Thank you for your boldness!

Shelley Danzinger
Louisville, KY

11/9/09 PC'd to Death
Three cheers for your pointed comments!  It is wonderful to hear on TV what we're all thinking.  The voice of the people needs to be heard!  Keep up the good work.

Mark Sullivan
North Andover, MA

RE: PC's to Death.

Thank you Mr. Cathcart for telling it like it is.  It's probably too much to hope for similar reporting at the national level.  People wonder how political correctness can hurt us as a country.  The shooting at Fort Hood is exhibit 1; all those innocent people died because PC has become instittutionalized even within our military.  No one had the moral courage to call this man out on his outrageous treasoness statements.  On the other hand, if there was such a person who tried, but was muzzled by his command, then as Mr. Cathcart suggests, shame on the command and shame on us as a country because we have blood on our hands from too much hand wringing.

Shealia Murphy
Holiday, FL

I agree whole-heartedly with your eidtorial entitled PC'd to Death and I thank you and your station for speaking the truth.  Please do it louder and more often.  I can hardly wait for comments on health care reform!
Thank you

Stephen Napolitano
Goshen, NY

11/9 editorial - thanks that actually feels good to here clarity in an editorial. The more we as American families, communitities, leaders distinguish clearly from right and wrong the stronger we become in that moment and from that moment forward.

bruce matsunaga
vernon hills, IL

RE: Mr Bill Cathcart's 11-09-09 editorial " PC'd to Death ", I'd like to applaud his editorial. I believe the United States no longer has the will to fight any kind of war. I am a Vietnam vet who suffered the indignities of that "police action". I believe the liberal courts, and media and ugly women have alot to do with our current unwillingness to state the obvious. Thank God we had the Great generation or we'd all be speaking German. Imagine in today's climate, how quickly we'd have people screaming to pull out of WWII if they saw thousands of American soldiers getting killed in action.

Sheri Younger
Stevensville, MD

I just watched editorial Pc'd to death. I was very happy to hear someone on the regular news FINALLY stand up and say what alot of people really feel. How did our Nation become so against American Rights??? I work 3 jobs and pay my taxes and it seems as if I am the one doing wrong! That is very confusing to me.Americans need to stand up and let everyone know that this IS AMERICA you came here to have what we have so either live the AMERICAN Dream or go back to the country you sooo hated and had to leave.

LaNell Mueller
Clifton, TX

I just had the privilege to listen to Bill Cathcart regarding PC'd to Death, 11/9/09 and I agree wholeheartedly.  Thankfully there are still some in a position to reach a lot of people who are not afraid to "call a spade a spade" and have no fear of "offending" those who don't want to become true Americans.  If we had more of the news media like this we might not have the problem that we have to day in our society.

My grandparents came here from Germany in the late 1800's and they along with their parents did their best to become assimilated.  Their English was probably very bad at first, but in later years when I was old enough to be aware of it my grandmother could speak passable English.

I agree with Mr. Cathcart that if someone doesn't want to become assimilated they need to get out.  We don't need them here.

Lawrence Olson
Bridgman, MI

Your ed. on 11-9-09 was priceless. We are PD'd to death. Finally someone said what we all have wanted to say for a long time. Go Bill---well said, long overdue!

Heather Epkins
Edgewater, MD

Our family loved you PCed to Death Editorial. Right on!

Greg Crawford
Spring, TX

Please keep the editorial "PC'd to Death", date 11-09-09, posted so many can see it.  I just wish there were others in the media who would have the courage to state what needs to be heard!  I also wish I lived in your area so I could support your advertisers.  HOORAY for you!

Jeffrey Odem
Ellijay, GA

PCd to Death-Thanks you Mr Cathcart for your courage to speak the minds of so many Americans. I will not add a single word.

Elizabeth Eddy
Columbus, OH

Dear Mr. Cathcart,
We just heard your editorial from 11-9-09. Are you running for office? If so, we want to vote for you - you represent our views perfectly and aren't afraid to say so. Thanks!

Steve McGaw
Bloomsburg, PA

I would like to give Cudos to the station for the editorial dated 11/09/09. Pc'd to Death. I believe Mr. Cathcart hit the nail on the head and should be applauded for his stand and the opinions he expressed. While I do not reside in the area, the editorial was forwarded to me and I must say I agree wholeheartedly. I believe this editorial should be seen by every American. Enough is Enough with the political correctness and let's get back to calling things as they really are without the nonsense associated with not wanting to offend anyone.
You said it right when you basically said, this is America...Take it for the Great thing it is, or get out!
Keep up the great work!!
Thank You

Terrance P Segnere
 Pottstown, PA

A friend sent me a link to your editorial PC'd to Death.I would just like to say God bless you for having the courage to speak the truth. Until this report I thought the media would continue to follow the OB adminstration apology tour forever!

William Schafer

a friend of mine sent me Bill Cathcart's (sp)? editorial on PC to death I loved it. I worked for the Fed Gov't in Brunswick and saw all to well the day to day  bending over backwards to be PC. It's quite apparent Mr. Cathcard knows what he is talking about. I will mark WTOC on my bookmarks and be reading more from your site. When I lived in Brunswick I did watch WTOC, they always have had the Best Weather and News reporting but when I moved to Jacksonville after retirement I haved taken the time to visit your website. won't make that mistake anymore. keep up the good work.

Leon Aguilar
Springboro, OH

Thank you for your editorial of November 9th regarding the Ft Hood shootings. You said what must be said and dropping the Political Correctness agenda. It's time that Americans speak up and say what's on their minds rather than allowing PC to control their thoughts and actions. Again thank you for being hones. It refreshing to see someone in the print media speak out.

April Anderson
Winter Garden, FL

Editorial of 11/09/09
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  I am so grateful when people stand up for what is right. I felt I had to say thank you and I hope your station stands by you.

Julie Bruerd
Crystal Beach, FL

 PC'd  your General Manager did an exellent job on stating what most Americans think about what happened at the Fort. We wish ALL news agencies would report how we "The People" feel. Great job!

Raymond Schmitz
Wake Forest, NC

Thank you to Bill for your editorial of 11/9/2009 about being PC'd out. saying what all should be thinking!!  In NC here we have some lilly livered stations that won't even report stories about how our politicians slant or lie about what is happening.

Kathy Miller
Park City, UT

AMEN to your editorial PC'd to Death on 11/9/09.  It is nice to hear what a lot of us are thinking.  Thank you!!

Audrey Capozzi
Bellport, NY

Wow.  I just got to view your editorial regarding Political Correctness relevant to the fort Hood Massacre by a Muslim terrorist.
Great stuff.  I am forwarding it to everyone I know who possesses a working brain.

Ruth anne Baker

I just watched your Editorial of November 9, 2009 and I wanted to comment on that.  I think it was a brilliant editorial.  Well said and God Bless you for speaking the truth.

Sandra Roubal
Lewistown, MT

RE: 11/09/09 PC'd to Death.

Bless you for speaking the truth.  Our Nation will be lost without GOOD MEN standing up AGAINST EVIL!  Thank you for doing so!  God Bless you!

Debbie Ragsdale
Graysville, AL

I had to post after I saw the editorial about the killer at Ft. Hood. What an editorial , I loved it. We don't have freedom of speech anymore unless we agree with  what is politically correct. It makes me sick at my stomach the ,mess we have gotten into in this great country. We are looked down on if we don't agree with them. What happened to our right to our opinion, and our right to speak. Keep up the great work.

Rick Mohr
Placerville, CA

RE: PC'd to Death, 11/09/09 Mr. Cathcart; Thank you for rekindling the dying flame of faith in the media by speaking out for the great unwashed majority of this country who have been voiceless, ignored and ridiculed for years.
I applaud your honesty and bravery in the face of adverse peer pressure. Please keep up the good work.

Joe Robillard
 San Bernardino CA

 11-09-09 PC'd to death ... I just saw a clip of the editorial ... Sir you hit it on the head .

Rick Logan
New Philadelphia, OH

The editorial on the Fort Hood killings was outstanding, I cannot thank you enough for saying that worrying about a few peoples feelings is more important than standing up and telling the truth. This great nation was built on the sweet and tears of thousands of people from all over the world, of every nationality and religious belief, they knew that in coming here they would be free to practice whatever religion they wanted.
Thank You and keep up the good work. This was sent to me in an email on 12-14-09 here in Ohio, I hope this editorial reaches the entire world.

John Greenland
Phoenixville, PA

 I was so encouraged to hear Bill Cathcart's words on "PC'd to Death".  I have long wondered how we can survive as a country when we have so willingly abandoned speaking the truth in our conversation, education and politics.  Political correctness is the most virulent attack on truth since Joseph Goebbels.

Lou Thomas
Cantonment, FL

In regards to your editorial "PCd to death. I commend you for having the courage to say what needed to be said. You were so correct in everything. Thank you so much

Diehl kate
katy, TX

re: the editorial of 9 Nov 09, PC'd to death.  I just now read your brilliant piece.  The only thing I might like to add is why don't we hear more of this.  I forwarded it to everyone in my address book (exception - there are those I know who would be offended by it, but I have little to no contact with them).  I just wish we could have more of this kind of sensible thought in this country.  Thanks so much for a wonderfully spoken piece.

Joe Hall
Battle Creek, MI

Mr. Cathcart,  Thank you for your editorial.  I agree with you 100%.  Our government leaders appear to be afraid to tell it like it is.  Our once proud nation is being ridiculed at every turn.  We need to stand up to those that would destroy us, rather than apologizing to them

James Hambly
Stonington, CT

RE: 11/09/2009 editorial

Bill, it's obvious you have voiced what many, or should I say, most Americans are feeling these days. We are all wondering what happened to the America we learned about in school, and are slowly realizing it's being stolen away from us right before our eyes. The continued assaults on our core American values are not even hidden anymore. And yet we sit idly by, and watch it, for fear of offending someone, or some group, and ironically, risk being branded "Anti-American" for our "intolerance"...

God bless you for having the guts to proclaim, on TV no less, that enough is enough. You have actually begun to restore my faith in "the media".

I will watch your future editorials with enthusiasm. Please continue to speak the truth!

Bud Fellers
Greer, SC

I have seen the video commentary, PC'd To Death and want to compliment V.P. General Manager, Bill Cathcart, on his courage to produce such a segment. He is right. We ARE to blame and I would like to see more "pushback".

Anne Gillen
Toms River, NJ

I want to congratulate the comments given by this gentlemen (11/9/09). It's about time we started speaking out as he has against the "freedoms" given those who feel they can do whatever they wish in this country. We have rules and they must be followed otherwise go back where you came from. The TRUE Muslims in this or any other country are ashamed of these terrorists as we all are.  Three cheers for this video and comments.  Let's have more of them!

Veronica McCarthy
San Jose, CA

I saw the 11/9/09 WTOC editorial via an email recommendation.  God bless you for speaking the truth!  I encourage you to continue telling it like it is.  Americans, even Californians, agree with this

Rebecca Barnes
Warrenton, VA

I agree with your editorial dated 11/09/09 "PC'd to Death" 100%.  The only station I will watch up here in the DC area is FOX News, which also thinks like you do, and tells it like it is.  Keep up the good work sir!

George Blumel
Atlantis, FL

PC'd to Death  Mr Cathcart expressed with clarity and righteous indignation at the tragic loss of life all becaue of the so-called "political correctness" that rules our society today. We have to break free of PC and start thinking rationally again. Thank you for leading the way in the media.

lary priestman
scottsdale, AZ

Cheers and Kudos to Bill Cathcart.  If the rest of the media had been doing their job as he has, the country would be much better off.
Thanks, Bill, for one of the most spot-on, even-handed and needed editorials of the decade.

Please continue - I was just tipped to you by an efriend - but I'll be a listener (via the web) from now on.

I'd love to see you take over the Washington Post Group - that would be interesting.

Cody Mathis
Shreveport, LA

Mr. Cathcart,
I just had to create an account simply to commend you on your recent video editorial concerning political correctness.  SOMEbody had to say it, and Sir, you nailed it!  I came across the video via an internet forum where like-minded folks share items of interest.  It's good to know that someone with the capability of reaching the masses is willing to speak out and wake people up in this country.  Keep up the great work!

Dale Etzweiler
Northridge, PA

Thanks so much for the PC'd to death editorial.  It's refreshing to hear someone from the media with common sense.  Keep up the good work

Dan Arnes
Bluffdale, UT

11/09/09 Editorial "PC'd to Death".
I applaud you sir for your open criticism of our politically correct society and the deadly outcome we are headed for!
How can we talk of deleting "In God We Trust"; "Christmas"; and others condemning our own rights of religious freedom in America, yet not condemn the religious fanatics preaching and killing Americans!

Richard Hillyer
New Braunfels, TX

Kudos on the 11-9 editorial

linda hanson
madras, OR

Loved the comments on 11-9, we are all sick of the PC stuff.  When I first heard the sodier who did the Army killings had voiced opposition to going to fight...I said he should be out of the Army, for who would want him next to them??  I was right, we should have listened. Now-lets listen to Mr Obama...and not ignore what he is saying....

Denise Mehocic
Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Cathcart, You are truly brave and awesome with you PC comments. God Bless

My Tal
San Jose, CA

Thank you for going on air and speaking the truth in your editorial of 11/9/9 about the Fort Hood shooter. I was proud to know that your station has the cahones to say what may not be politically correct but is the truth.

A friend of a friend sent me an email  link to your broadcast link. Although I live in CA, "Well done, keep up the good work! You guys are amazing.

Cindy Smaltz
Ladoga, IN

Thank you for speaking the truth.

Bonnie Houy
Pittsburgh, PA

Mr Cathcart, I couldn't agree with you more. If you would run for President, I would vote for you. I would volunteer to spread the word in Pittsburgh and across the wonderful state of PA which is filled with loyal citizens who are sick and tired of being politically correct. I'll be watching your editorials from now on in hopes you'll keep me infomed of an upcoming politician who is willing and able to make the change we need to get our country back on its feet. THANK YOU!!!

Jim Leahy
Braintree, MA

I just watched the Nov. 9 Editorial by Mr. Cathcart and only want to say, this man is BRILLIANT and has quite a bit of courage to say, ON TV, the absolute truth. In Mass. we just had a controversy in the town of No. Andover where a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" sign that has hung on the Fire HQ for decades was made to be taken down. After much public outrage over this insanity, the sign was allowed back up. It's gone too far and as this wonderful editorial has pointed out so clearly, Political Correctness can cost lives.

I know his eloquence will not change things, but by GOD (and I can say that here, right?) it expresses the outrage the majority of intelligent Americans (citizens of every nation, I'm sure) feel about how out of control PC has become.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the People's Republic of Massachusetts. If you ever run for President, you'll get my vote!

Bob Kalthoff
Granger, IN

Your Editorial of 11/16 Ft.Hood Aftermath hits the nail on the hood. It is about time that some responsible individual made those comments. Viewers to WTOC-TV are fortunate to have a local TV station who has the guts to render those words.

Susan Krum
Santa Paula, CA

Re Editorial 11-09-09. I just received this as an e-mail download, and I am ready to move to Savannah! Thank you for speaking the truth via media. I pray others will have the courage to do so. I agree with you 100% - become an American or get the heck out

Allen Miller
Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you for your editorial "PC to death". This political correctness is leading our country in a death spiral. We need more americans as leaders that is not affraid to speak the truth to protect our nation. We're in serious trouble and as a parent and grandparent I'm very frighten for them and for all americans. We need to take our country back and the greatness it always has been and not be affraid of making other people or countries mad. We are a nation of christians and of great power. Thank you again for standing up for our country and our great millitary.

Joan Rennaker
clarkesville, GA

Thank you for voicing what so many of us feel and believe mainstream media will not criticize namely PC which you aired on 11-09.
If we only had more voices like yours it would

Douglas Nelson
Lisle, IL

Thank you for your editorial of 9 November. Brave statements like this may begin to breakdown the fear imposed by our PC society.

Dave Ross
Edgewater, FL

I just this date viewed your comments of 11/09/09 RE PC'd.

Thank you for having the gumption to call out the dangers we are allowing to destroy our great nation!!!

Judi Fryer
Nicholasville, KY

Having just had Bill Cathcart's 11/09/09 editorial forwarded to me via e-mail in the form of a video of that broadcast let me say, Mr. Cathcart has my vote for man of the year.

Jayna Catherine
Oro Valley, AZ

PC'd to death     AMEN!!!
THANK YOU!  I pray for your continued courage and protection!!!  JC

Mike Power
Cody, WY

My Dear Mr. Cathcart,
I'm sure this response isn't the first you've received regarding your 11/09/09 editorial named "PC'd to Death but I assure you it is the warmest. You, sir, are a true American Patriot and I am honored to even write to you.
May I offer my support of your views expressed on that day in the hope that you might continue to share these common-sense views with your viewers. We need public figures such as yourself.
Thank you.

susan roberts
lyme, CT

Your news editor spoke forcefully, truthfully and concisely regarding this nations obsession with being politically correct.  He's to be commended for taking the position that immigrants and citizens either assimilate fully to get out.

Robert Brady
Spring Valley, CA

Thank you for speaking the truth in your editorial of 11/9/9 about the Fort Hood shooter


bernard gallenbeck
Phoenix, AZ

saw the editorial about PC'd to death this was spot on . I wish your guy was on a national program.

L Harry
Townsend, GA

acolades, acolades, acolades. You seem to be the only local personality that realizes that the liberals are succeediing in lowering our country to it's lowest common demoninator. Why aren't you published in nation wide publications?  There should be the "Gadsen Flag" flying everywhere hard working ALL HARD WORKING AMERICANS ar. And race, creed and color should be agast at which is happening and VOTE as appropriate.  I've been to eastern Europe and the former soviet clirnt states.  SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK! Thanks Bill for being the voice of the middle class.  If you stuped to run for political office, and spoke your mind LOUDELY, I'd vote for You. And yes I am a VET

Tom Stafford
Levittown, PA

Amen to Bill Cathcart's editorial of 11/09/09.  It was forwarded to me from a friend who received it from a friend.

All I can add to it is "AMEN".  I know, not PC, but that's the problem, isn't it?!

It's good to hear somebody in the media, finally telling it like it is!!!

Please keep it up!

rich miller
key largo, FL

Bill Cathcart's editorial re: PC'd to Death was just emailed to me by a friend.  Outstanding...could not agree more.  The lawyers of this world are dominating all of us, particularly the ACLU who makes any Judeo Christian value politcally incorrect.  Keep up the great work, Bill!!!

Alan Shriver
Burke, VA

The editorial on PC'd dated 11/9 reached its way north via the internet and all I can say is WOW!!  The best editorial, right on the money, that I have seen come from any media outlet EVER.  My hat is off to WTOC.  How I wish the media outlets in the Washington DC area could muster the gumption to tell it like it should be told.  Of course that will never happen in this area. You in Savannah are indeed fortunate.

Charlsie Estes
Mt Pleasant, TN

I saw the commentary from Bill Cathcart on the Newsbusters' website.  I think you are expressing the sentiment of 80-90% of God fearing, country loving, working Americans, God Bless and thanks, take care, we love the truth!!!!

Cheryl Hudson
Orlando, FL

Pc'd to Death 11/09/09
I  was sent an email containing your editorial by a fellow floridian and patriot and we would like to thank you for you wonderful editorial recognizing the wrong direction our country is going in.  I can only hope and pray other media wakes up before it is too late!  thank you and God bless you.

Jim Johnson
Sugar Hill, GA

Sorry I'm so late catching this editorial (PC'd to Death) and commenting but - better late than never. I want to add my voice to those who have already congratulated you for an insightful, well thought out and spot on editorial. We definitely need more mass media executives like yourself to not only wake themselves up but also wake up the people who are just "GOING ALONG." We cannot afford to just go along - our liberties and freedoms are being assaulted daily and we are LOSING! Help to keep this message going - wake up the left and get them off their ACLU supported perch. Bring them into the realities of life today. We cannot afford to lose this battle. Our very way of life and basic freedoms are being taken from us - this is a good start but where do we go from here?

Michael Palumbo
Kenosha, WI

I live in WIsconsin and just heard you editorial on Fort Hood and political correctnes.
Thanks for telling the truth

Bill Worker
Dover, DE

I agree with the editorial titled PC'd to death.  I wonder why you were silent when Dick Cheyney outted his own CIA agent?  Is that not treason?

Raymond Petocchi
Buckeye, AZ


I want to simply congratulate you for having the guts to question this sad situation about this country's obsession with political correctness.  Your views mirror mine, precisley, abu you have the venue to express it with some certainty of being heard.  Our president should take heed of your words and do something about it other than tear this country down.  Enough !


Ray Petocchi

Todd Avant
Deerfield Beach, FL

Great Editorial! Bill, you hit the nail on the head when it comes to the Fort Hood murders..Keep up the good work.

Tom Neale
Baltimore, MD

Dear Mr. Cathcart:

I live in MD and just heard your "PC'd to Death" editorial, which is making its away around the Internet.  Absolutely superbly crafted critique of what has gone wrong with objective thought and analysis in America.  I could not agree more.  Like Churchill being decried in the 30's by "knowing intellectuals" who mocked his denounciations of Hitler and Mussolini, we need people of courage like you to speak up against the PC gone wild environment we are in.

Charles Campbell
Pflugerville, TX

Editorial 11/09/09.
Mr. Cathcart,
Being far outside your media market, I am only now viewing your editorial on our overly politically correct society.  I just want to say thank you.
Thank you for your courage, for your action, and your statement itself.  Respectful, clear, and to the point.  I think you've managed to capture the feelings on the greater part of Americans, of all shades and strips.
Thank you.

George Schoenheider
Estero, FL

General Manager and VP remarks about the fort hood shooting was the best thing I have seen. thanks

Donald Graham
Ashburn, VA

Editorial 11/9/09
PC'd To Death

My compliments on taking such a strong, yet logical stand on the killings at Ft. Hood.

Monica Ferrick
Lemont, IL

 AMEN!  AMEN!  AMEN!  Your editorial about American becoming the land of enablers due to political correctness couldn't have been more accurate!  I applaud for having the guts to say it like it is.  It's too bad there isn't more out there who choose to do the same and stand up for the silent majority of us that are out there.  Thanks!

Jim Buckner
Mableton, GA

In reference to your editorial of 11/09/09 regarding political correctness, I offer the following:  Out-freaking-standing

Mike Good
fort lauderdale, FL

Fort Hood Aftermath
Thanks to Bill Cathcart!  I wish we had a local station here in SOuth Florida that allowed such 'politically non correct speech' - that is, that allowed honest commentary such as yours.  I hope you are not put on the Whitehouse blacklist for your pointed, correct, needed commentary

dale carpenter
joplin, MO

I just saw the PC'd to death video & just want to say BRAVO! Our president can't admit that we're at war with these radicals & it could cost us our way of life. I feel so sorry for my grandchildren.

Barry Whitman
Savannah, GA

Just a quick commendation to Bill Cathcart for his 11-9 editorial, "PC'd to Death."  It is a pleasure to hear old-fashioned common sense couched in solid old-fashioned straight talk.  Of course, it helps that I agree with all of his sentiments.

Erin Bronson
Wichita Falls, TX

In response to the " PCd to Death" Editorial I wanted to take the time to Thank the man doing the Editorial. Someone has to have the Cahones to say what may not be politically correct but is the truth. Especially in the Media. My Thanks to whomoever runs the station who let this be broadcast for having a spine still today. The Majority of America is behind you, pleas go and represent us and our views. We are the forgotten residents of this Nation. We live here, we pay the taxes that fund all this craziness. We are the ones shaking our heads wondering where it will all end. And praying we don't have to retake our nation from those they give it to. I have witnessed good people losing thier jobs over saying what the truth is about something because it offended some minority or something. I applaud you for your backbone. I personally know the man who runs the station here in Wichita Falls Texas at KFDX and he is my friend. But he does not even have your guts and he therefore does not share in your Glory... Kudos to You.

Ann Cameron
Dacula, GA

Regarding PC's to Death-
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You said what most of us are thinking but what no public person will say.  We have to take America back before we have truly lost it.  It won't be long. Thanks again for being a brave American.

Katherine Cary
Niceville, FL

Thanks so much for your thoughts on 11/9/09 on being PC'd to death. I always wonder when America will figure it out. I have sent your video to everyone in my address book. Thank you again!!!

Ed Daley
Antioch, CA
Just got copied on your "PC'd To Death" editorial by a friend. Hooray! Finally, someone saying on TV what the vast majority are thinking. We are sooo tired of being "correct" when our enemies can do what they please. Thank You!

Lennis Ray
Nashville, TN

editorial ll/09/09
A friend sent this editorial to me today.  Thank you Mr. Cathcart, for saying what a lot of Americans feel and want to say. Please continue to use your pulpit, knowing that there are people out here who support you.  Again Thank You.

John Eisler
Kingston, ID

Your WONDERFUL editorial on 111109 hit the nail on the head. I have served in Kosovo, Saudi, Jordan. Our present Govt. is WRONG, WRONG! We can not appease radical Muslims. I and thousands of others are TIRED of bowing down to everyone. It is TIME TO STAND AND BE COUNTED! John Eisler

Mike C Sheldon
Alturas, CA

Saw the editorial regarding Ft. Hood and have to say "well done"  I was stationed at HAAF in 68 and again in '69 after a tour in Vietnam.  I miss the charm of old Savannah and her great people.  God bless.

Kay Lucien
Leesburg, VA

LOVED the 11/09 editorial PC'd to Death.  Thank you for saying in public what so many of wish we had a forum to say.  I agree 100%!

Mr Menard
San Diego, CA

RE: Editorial - 11/09/09 - PC'd To Death

Thank you for speaking the truth.  This editorial was right on target and correctly addressed how PC is the root cause of the unfortunate deaths that occurred at Fort Hood.  Thank you again for this editorial.  We need more people like you who get it to speak up.

Elizabeth Parr
Colorado Springs, CO
I just received an e-mail containing a link to your editorial of 11/09/09, "PC's to Death".  I'm guessing there are a lot of folks who agree with you, given that WTOC is in Georgia,  I live in Colorado, and this e-mail was sent by a friend in California.  To that editorial, dear sir, I say "AMEN!!!!!!".  But under the circumstances, I DO think that something considerably stronger than "heck" would not have been inappropriate.  I, for one, believe that the vast majority of American citizens would agree with you, but NO one (at least no one in a position to change things) seems to have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the "PC Nazis" and put a stop to their treason.  I could write an entire thesis on the subject of so-called "political correctness" and all its dire consequences for this once great nation.  But my only goal here and now is to say "Keep up the good work!"  I will be happy to circulate your dead-on editorials to everyone on my contact list!  Atta boy, Bill!

Kathy Baum
Loyalhanna, PA

Editorial of 11/9/09 entitled PC'd to death
I completely agree with Mr. Cathcart.  I certainly want to be sensitive to everyone but we have carried this ridiculous correctness too far.
Mr. Cathcart, kudos for the courage to say what many Americans are feeling.

Annette Smith
Monticello, IA

PC'd to Death-  I received the video as a forward from a friend in Missouri.  It was spot on!!!  You said what has needed to be said for much too long.  We tip toe around in our own country giving freedoms and the benefit of doubt to murderers, liars, cheats, and those that would do only harm to us as a nation.  THANK YOU for standing up and saying what we without a loud enough voice have been able to convey.  When we stand up we are discounted as a group of "plants" put in place by politicos, bigoted no nothings, and NOT decent citizens with opinions that aren't being heard and appreciated by our elected officials.  Thank you for allowing me to vent!  By the way, you live in one of God's most awesome cities!!!

Leonard Lyons IV
Germantown, MD

PC'd editorial:  SPOT ON!  I have posted the link on my FaceBook! You are right on the money with this editorial.  THANK YOU for having the courage to speak the TRUTH!!

Willie Gould

Dallas, GA

A PA friend sent me the editorial "pcd to death" and I couldn't agree more.  We have become a nation of wimps.

Lonnie Nagel
Sedalia, MO

 In regard to the 11/09/2009 editorial by VP Bill Cathcart entitled "PC'd To Death" : Congratulations on having the courage to publicly say what, I believe, most of the US is thinking.  This country was founded on Christian beliefs and the requirement to become a US citizen should be exactly as Mr Cathcart states by embracing the values this country as whole and becoming a productive member of this once proud nation.  If we continue down the path of catering to the whims of every person that manages to crawl across our border - then we will soon cease to exist and become just another 3rd world "craphole".  Sir, Thank you, God Bless you, and Merry Christmas to you and yours. (not happy holidays).

Randy Shrimplin
Sarasota, FL

PCed to death
Finally, someone with a public voice that is not afraid to tell it like it is. Keep it up and dont let anyone twist your arm.

joseph mullins
milton, MA

Re: Mr Cathcart's editorial comments 11/6/09: PC'd to death (?)
Thank you Mr Cathcart for saying forcefully what many in this country desperately need to hear.
We are collectively silent and guilty for allowing our way of life to be slowly taken from us.
I am sending your editorial to all my friends and acquaintances because it is a wake up call.
We are a great country, we need to remind ourselves that people who are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the benefits of a free country, must also abide by our laws and learn to speak our language.
Immigrants are what have made our country great and those who have been oppressed in other countries are the ones who most appreciate the opportunities available to all of us as citizens in the United States.
Yes, I am old now, and yes I am old fashioned I suppose, but I yearn for the days when each person was held accountable for their actions and benefitted from the hard work required to make something of oneself.
Thanks for speaking up and saying what many in this country are thinking and really need to hear!
All the best.
Joe Mullins from Massachusetts (too liberal and too Democratic)
I am a lifelong Democrat, but as I like to say, I did not leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me!!! About 50 years ago.


Bill Benton
Fort Pierce, FL

Re: November 9 ...PC'd to death.
Mr. Cathcart, I would vote for you to be our new plainspeak czar. It's time to start calling a spade a spade...referring , of course, to playing cards and not any sensitive group of individuals....
Thanks for the direct approach to our government sponsored sensitivity mandate...Your editorial is making the rounds of the internet....Congrats.

Patty Vance
Paulding, OH

PC'd to death--the editorial pertaining to the recent activity at Fort Hood--THANK YOU for FINALLY saying what SO MANY people feel and think, and are not able to portray because of the ludicrous 'political correctness' "thing".  Thank you too, for using the term 'treasonist', which has been forgotten.  I wish more would remember that people used to be hanged for this crime.  We have become a nation of 'panty-waists', and alot of the people I know would not make it in the nation that my parents (WWII) lived in, but that's when this country (it's people AND it's government) had a backbone. Remember when it was illegal to deal with a communist?  Has today's society forgotten that China IS still communist?  I feel that the first  step in becoming 'politically correct' would be to insist that all the 'made in China' tags say how it really is--made in 'COMMUNIST' China, and then take steps to bring manufacturing back to the USA and not deal with China at all.   I am from Ohio, and your editorial is making the e-mail rounds here.  Thank you Bill Cathcart and WTOC for speaking out and saying how it REALLY is.

Terri Simandl
Wellford, SC

Your editorial on Nov. 9, PC'd to death. Have you ever given any thought to be a speech writer? We need more Americans like you to stand up for ourselves and say we are not going to take it anymore!!! I am posting this to my facebook page for all my friends to watch also. Thanks so much for eliquently speaking for AMERICA!!!

Bob Gebel
Redondo, CA

11/09/09......your editorial framwd the reality of PC in society today in a way no other media station has come close too....keep telling it like it is and I will keep listening.............so will thousands of others.  Keep up the good work

John Tonkin
Lebanon, OH

11/9 editorial. Well done! Tolerance, when taken to the extreme leads to anarchy. We can be tolerant without checking our brains at the PC doorstep. One's tolerance should end where his principles begin and if those who "feel" offended, don't like it, it is their problem. Calling a spade a spade is truth and the truth sometimes hurts. Keep up the good work. By the way, I got your video via internet and forwarded it to many of my friends.

Jack Henry
Lancaster, SC

I have just listened to  the editorial of 11-09 by Mr. Bill Cathcart which was sent to me in an email from a career Army officer in Texas.  Mr. Cathcart, you are a true hero.  Thank you for having the courage to say what so many of us want to say but do have the opportunity to do so. 

Brian FORD
Harrison, MI

PC'd to Death!

Mr. Cathcart,

The definition of POLITICALLY CORRECT is "lying to deceive in order not to offend"! Who in their right minds would establish a policy like that?! Who in their right minds would follow a policy like that?! Apparently a lot of Americans have been and still will and are out of their minds! I am pleasantly surprised to hear someone in the media (other than the FNC) speak their mind truthfully. Apparently WTOC is not a wholly owned CBS affiliate or they can't afford to censor you.

Many thanks.

Thomas Quinn
Lampasas, TX

I am commenting on Mr. Cathcarts editorial of 11/06/09 on the Fort Hood shootings. I salute you sir, You have said in a matter of seconds what some have been trying to mumble for a while Jan 21, 09. I served in the Army for twenty-six years guaranteeing the freedows of some of these knuckleheads to throw out the political crap. It is high time we stopped this appeasement stuff and get back to being one of the finest Nations on this earth. Anyone that comes to this country needs to speak english or soon thereafter and within a couple of years take the test of citizenship. Then renounce all other countries. If they do not have this done in a reasonable time 'GO HOME'. Mr. Cathcart you are a true American.  Thomas W. Quinn

rick shannon
Hamburg, NJ

Just heard the editorial related to Political Correctness and watched with great pleasure that someone from the media had the guts to tell it like it is.  Semper Fi

Dennis Green
West Bloomfield, MI

Congrats to Bill Cathcart for his 11/09/09 editorial on the Muslim soldier and P.C. overkill. 

Sherrie Kenny
Pittsburgh, PA
11-9-09 PC'd to Death
So happy to see someone in the media saying what most people believe - Ft. Hood shootings were an act of radical religion gone bad. Not a time to tiptoe around this issue. Im personally tired of this type of political correctness.

Bruce Thompson
Studio City, CA

PC'd To Death
I am so happy to hear someone in the media have the courage to so eloquently call it like it is, I hope you know that this editorial is spreading like wildfire across the Internet, keep up the good work!

myra rathbone
Ranburne, AL

PC'd to Death

I got your editorial through a friend, I LOVE IT, and wish more people in the media would stop being so PC!!! Thanks you for your view, it is shared by many, many Americans!!

Doug Patt
Allentown, PA

bill cathcart pc'd to death


Roxanna Miller
Indianapolis, IN

First off, THANK YOU!  I am so proud to be an American Citizen. Your bold truthful statements in your editorial 11/9/09 is spreading all over the internet, as it should be.  You are absolutely right in all aspects of your editorial, and I am estatic that you have voiced what so many hundreds of thousands would like to say.  I am proud to be an American Citizen with editorials such as yours...I just pray that the rest of the media will not "cower" under the oppressions of the current adminstration.  Bless you and yours. 

Alfred Hoover
Williamsport, PA

This is in response to your editorial 11/09/09. I just want to applaud Mr.Cathcart for saying what I and many Americans feel and don't have the courage to say it out loud. It's about time someone as youself stood up for the true patriotic people of our great nation. Bravo Brovo WTOC and You especially Mr. Cathcart. God Bless You.

Ralph Davis
Walnut Creek, CA
Mr. Cathcart, your "PC'd To Death" editorial struck me as one of the best.  Responses to date share that sentiment.  Thank you for taking the risk of offending.  It's refreshing and necessary.  If only our government leaders would use your facts in re-constructing one of the greatness's of this country instead of working so hard to steadily erode our freedoms while aiding & abetting our enemies.

Kathleen Schwartz
Birmingham, MI

Congratulations to you on your editorial of November 9, 2009 titled "PC'd to Death."  It was forwarded to me by a friend.  I am in full agreement and appreciate your courage in expressing this view that so many of us hold. It certainly was NOT the position taken by most media outlets.

Brad Pirch
Cedartown, GA
PC'd to Death by B Cathcart
I agree with your statements and consider them long overdue.  Keep telling the straight fundamental truths of right and wrong.  All of us Americans believe in those things and support your right to say them.

Wendy clattenburg
Bow, NH

I was so impressed with the editorial by Bill on 11/09/09 regarding the completely rediculous PC this country is displaying.  Way to go Bill!!!

Bruce Widener
Johns Creek, GA

I saw your video on PC.  Finally someone has the guts to say what everyone knows.  Thanks for your Patriotism.  Tell Sonny I said hello!

Dr. Donald Mills
San Antonio, TX
Your "PC'd to Death" is absolutely the best editorial I have heard in the past 10 years.  I am thrilled to finally hear somone in the media come out and tell it like it is.  I am retired military and am sick to death of all of this "politically correct" baloney.  D. Mills

Gary Mooring
New Caney, TX

PC'd To Death

I watched you editorial and wanted to say Thank You for making a stand and saying what needs to be said to save our Country. We have to wake up and people saying what you said, is what this Country need to hear. Again, thank you

rj dourney
hopkinton, MA

I live just west of Boston.  A friend forwarded a copy of the editorial Bill did on "PC'd to death" recently and I wanted to say thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking.  We live in such a PC world we are putting ourselves at risk by allowing people to attach us on our own military basis.  Thanks for reminding us that it is Pro America to speak out against any group who repeatedly show that they want to do us harm.

Erynn Chase
Peoria, AZ
The Editorial by Bill, PC'd to Death is one of the greatest speeches and Editorials I have ever heard. I am glad some people get it. We HAVE become a Nation of enablers. I hope President Obama and all of his Constituents take it into consideration. This country has always been the place everyone wants to be and it is because of Capitolism, Free Enterprise, Opportunity, Freedoms and of those willing to serve in order to protect our Freedoms. NOT BECAUSE OF how many social programs we can have and fund. Terroism on our soil is unacceptable and is a declaration of War and must not be tolerated. Wake up people before something happens that America will not recover from. Bill is right, if you can;'t contribute positively and be a productive member of society here in this great nation then you are not doing your part and you don't deserve to be here. I implore everyone to re-read the Constitution......you want change? That is REAL CHANGE!
Gail Guthrie
Hiram, GA
It is wonderful to hear someone address this ridiculous state of PC that is overtaking even our Constitution. America's values need to be strengthened & illegal aliens need to assimilate to our Country not vice-versa. We need people like you who are not afraid to make a stand in support of our Country.  I am very grateful for your words
Gayle Strom
Thank you thank you thank you Mr. Cathcart.  You said it just like I think it and I honor you for standing up for America.  My question is.......when are our representatives going to listen to us???  Thank you so much!!!!
James Walton

"PC'd to death"
EXCELLENT, Bill-right on!!!
D. Masters
Colorado Springs, CO

I was sent a link to view Bill Cathcart's editorial on 11/9/09 called "PC'd to Death."  It was probably the best commentary on the subject that I have ever heard.  The PC plague that has infected our nation is disgusting.  Recent news has revealed that the fear of being politically correct stopped people from confronting the radical Muslim at Ft Hood who slaughtered 13 people. But for political correctness, this tragedy could have been avoided.  Thank you, Mr. Cathcart, for finally saying in the media what so many of us believe! 
Reba Gothard
Cary, NC

PC'd to Death- This really was great and so true.  Thank you for presenting the point of view that so many of us have.
Eenee Ferrano
Marietta, GA

PC'd to Death
Once again a spokes person succintly and eloquently states where all this Political Correctness and fear to insult tyrannical muslim extremist have brought us to.  The result of our passiveness is DEATH to more innocent people and this time 13 of the people who have sacrificed their lives to protect us from this enemy.  Shame on us for not recognising the enemy among us and dealing with them before they strike to kill us.  What's it going to take for the U.S. to wake up?  Will  one of our political leaders please step up and SPEAK OUT !!  It's time to correct this Political Correctness. 

Deb Redmond
Belleville, MI

Ann Moore
Amherst, VA

Thank you for your editorial of 11/9/09.  It's about time we quit the confused thinking that political correctness has brought about.  If we can't face facts, we can't fix anything.  Keep up the good work. 

Sherry Kolbush
Pocomoke City, MD

PC'd to Death    I was sent a link to this editorial via e-mail & you can be sure that I will be forwarding it on!   Absolutely wonderful and truthful editorial!   Currently, the US is a disgrace to all the generations of men and women in our armed forces who have defended and given their lives to protect the rights given to Americans by the US Constitution.  Something is serious wrong when we treat legal & illegal immigrants better than we treat our own US citizens. If you are not a US citizen, it is a PRIVILEGE  to be in our country, not your right!     For those non-citizens who openly refuse to accept, adopt and respect  the rights and freedoms given to US citizens under the US Constitution, LEAVE!   ENGLISH is the language of the US.  Speak it, or leave!  Americans it is time to stand up & take our country back. Americans, it is the responsibility of each & every one of us to contribute positively to our country.  If you don't agree with our constitution, then you have the right to leave the country too!  WTOC, thank you for taking a stand and stating how most Americans feel!
Rick Dirickson
San Francisco, CA

Excellent piece on 11-09-09 It was right on target and I thank you for saying it!!
Albert Hall
Montana, MT

The video of V.P. and General Manager, Bill Cathcart's editorial  on 11-9-09,  are a refreshing welcome to what has become a lopsided media that dares to tell the truth.
Keep up the good work, your video needs to be on You Tube, where I am sure it would go viral.
John Larsen
Mercer Island, WA

Dear Mr. B
Kudos on your editorial!!  I believe it significant that your words of 11-9 are antithetical to events of 9-11 and certainly are words we MUST hear and to which we MUST adhere! Through the wonders of electronics they are being disseminated far beyond your TV signal, for which I, for one, am grateful!  Again, thanks for being an American!
Rex Hill
Ocala, FL

WTG WTOC.  Congratulations for taking the P/C problem head on.  It is really unfortunate we allow the minority of Americans to dictate how we run our Country.  Let's take back America.

Bill Cowart
Nashville, GA

Just received the editorial from Bill Cathcart, 11/09/09. If only more people in this great nation had the guts to stand up like this man we would be betterr off. i am retired Air force and love what Bill had to say. I will be sharing this with all my friends. Way to go Bill.
Craig Bergman
Tucson, AZ

The editorial on the absurdity of our PC nation was the best I have seen to date.  Well done and I wish that had gone on national TV
vicki pritner
Oklahoma City, OK

This concerns the editorial, "Pc'd to death."

I sincerely hope you keep this video available for viewing for quite some time!  He said exactly what I have been thinking for so long..but couldn't put to words.
Thank you for speaking the truth..and not apologizing for it!
Jeff Harclerode

Grimes, IA

Wow Bill! What a fantastic speech about PC on November 09. Its incredible to see how far we have gone on this topic. The fear of hurting one persons feelings in this country is now beyond resaonable. I appreciate you putting this message out there and wish everyone in the country would watch it and take a moment to reflect on this topic

Lynne Gintzig
Murfreesboro, TN

Referencing the Political Correctness Editorial on 11/09
Your recent Veterans Week Editorial has reached Middle Tennessee via a retired Admiral in PA.  My husband is still currently serving our great nation and has done so for 27 years in the Worlds Greatest Navy.  Thank you for being bold enough to stand up and speak out about being PC'd to DEATH.  (I hope you still have a job!!) To even use the term, "Politically Correct", is an oxymoron at best!  Since when has anything "political" been correct?  The time has come for change...lets start with using a correct term to describe what we all are feeling but too afraid to say.  If we would return the foresight our forefathers had when putting their words together in framing the Constitution and Bill of Rights, speaking the truth would not be inflammatory.  You can't insult someone if you abide by the rules set forth in that marvelous document in which we base all of our fundamental principles upon.  (To suggest that the Bible was the basis for those principles may offend those who are so focused upon themselves that they can't envision a world that embraces an unwavering standard based on a described set of ideals).  Thank you so much for lending your voice to opinions shared by so many who don't have a microphone or the acumen to word it so "correctly"!  God Bless America!
William Dalton
Paulden, AZ

RE: "PC'd To Death" on 11/09/09&, nbsp; This was the most honest description of political correctness insanity.  This editorial covered the subject completely, including the current decisions being rendered by our liberal judicial system.
Allen Baldwin
Peachtree City, GA

11/9 Pc'd to Death
Thank you for straight talk.  Thank you for a brave and accurate commentary that is not afraid to speak the truth even to those who do not want to hear it.
Tamie Lumpkin
Columbus, GA

I do not take the time to comment on much but I had to let you know that I am glad to know that someone has the guts to not be "politicallly correct " and call the horrendous act of terrorism what it was at Ft. Hood. I wish we had someone in my city that would be so brave. Thanks.
Rhonda Manley
Scottsdale, AZ

PC'D TO DEATH 11/09/09

James Eaton
Alba, TX

I just had the pleasure of viewing your editorial from 11/9/09 after a link was emailed to me from a friend.  It was so refreshing.  Thank you so much for standing up and speaking truthfully. We need more like you. It was great!
Karen Colasinski
Oxnard, CA

I wanted to profusely thank Mr. Cathcart for the editorial stance he took on the Ft. Hood shooting 11/9/09.  Thank God there ARE still those in the media willing to speak in favor of our beloved Republic and military heroes!




Cheryl Dau
Washington, MI

Pc'd To DeathPc'd To Death
I couldn't have said it better.  Thank you for having the courage and conviction to say what  many of us think and feel.  As a christian, I am tired of the attacks.  As the grandaughter of immigrants who were proud to be American and learned to speak the English language, I too would like to see English spoken by everyone and made the official language of our country.  I am tired of seeing Spanish and other languages posted on signes and would like every American business, including the IRS to get rid of the "For English press 1" message.   I am angery at those who are trying to change the principles and heritgage on which this country was founded.

Traci Bloodworth
Duluth, GA

I would like to applaud you on the 11/09/09 editorial, "PC'd to Death".  BRAVO!! So glad someone FINALLY said it on air. I sent the link to everyone in my address list.  Thanks for making the points everyone believes in their hearts but are too "PC" to say out loud.
Well Said, Well Done.