Plane Crash Kills One

One person is dead in a plane crash this afternoon in Screven County. It happened just after noon south of Sylvania. According to Screven County Sheriff Mike Kyle, the plane clipped a cable television tower and crashed. The pilot has been identified as Harry Steinbach of Pennsylvania.

Screven County police believe dense fog and cloudy conditions may be the reason the plane crashed. One witness, driving down the road at the time, told us, "I saw the plane clip the tower, then saw parts falling off. It came across the road and in front of me, and I saw when it made a turn like it was trying to keep from hitting the houses. Then it nosedived into the ground and exploded."

Investigators say the small plan was flying in from Atlanta; authorities are unsure at this time what the pilot's destination was. We've heard the plane narrowly missed three or four houses, but luckily no one else was injured. As the plane burned, witnesses used cell phones to call 911. Firefighters arrived quickly and were able to put the fire out in a few minutes; they were not able to save the pilot.

Reported by: Ryan Young,