Editorial Feedback - 11/16/09

Viewers respond to Fort Hood Aftermath: Appeasement Trumps Truth
Jane Olney
Zeeland, MI

Thank you, Bill, for your editorial of 11/16/09  "Aftermath," ...
Finally someone says it aloud, and culminating in the best solution of all, fully "assimilate, or get the heck out." Sounds like a plan to me!!!
Melody Sandberg
Port Wentworth, GA

Will you be running for office anytime soon?  Well stated, when will people begin to realize that we are being attacked on all fronts.  Not only are we being attacked on our bases now, but daily our intelligence is being attacked by the national media preaching complacency and spinelessness. THANKS
Sherry Kolbush
Pocomoke City, MD

Fort Hood Aftermath: Appeasement Trumps Truth 
Your editorial was forwarded to me in MD via e-mail.  WONDERFUL EDITORIAL!  You are 100% correct.  We need more people to stand up & tell it like it really is! Thank you!
Seth H. Benson
Millen, GA

I saw and heard your editorial tonight, 11/16, regarding the Ft. Hood massacre, and must say I couldn't agree with you more. Diversity and political correctness will be the death of this country yet unless patriiotic Americans rise up and stop it. The very idea that this was just a crime and not an act of terrorism is ludicrous, just as 9/11 was an act of war. God forbid we should offend anyone. We are Americans and if we are not offended by this, we have lost more then we will ever know. I am a Korea veteran, who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, and I was OFFENDED big time.
ann mcelhaney
austin, TX

Mr. Cathcart, I very much appreciate and agree with your recent editorial on the Muslim terrorist acts at Ft Hood, TX.  Keep on speaking the truth!
Scottsdale, AZ

Bill Cathcart's editorial of 11/16/09 was outstanding. Hats off to someone not afraid to speak the truth for fear of reprisal. The events of the past year have lead me to actually consider leaving this country I once so loved- maybe I'll just move to Savannah.
Wade Hagin
Douglasville, GA

The editorial of Nov. 16, "Fort Hood Aftermath" was great and truthful.  We need more responsible people like Mr. Cathcart to speak out and 'tell it like it is'.  WAKE UP AMERICA!!  Political Correctness is going to destroy us!