Mother of Stolen Baby Released from Jail

Emmick arrested during our interview yesterday afternoon.
Emmick arrested during our interview yesterday afternoon.
From surveillance video of the car theft suspect.
From surveillance video of the car theft suspect.

Police arrested Amy Emmick yesterday afternoon. She's the woman who left her baby alone in the car at a gas station a couple of weeks ago, when someone stole her car and her baby. Within minutes, police found the baby, but the family's facing another battle. In an exclusive interview, WTOC caught up with the Emmicks as Amy left the Chatham County jail.

She says police questioned her for three hours last Friday. Yesterday morning, she got a call they had two warrants for her arrest and that she needed to be at the police department by 3pm to turn herself in.

"It was a nightmare, it was unreal," Amy told us.

Police were called, and they put out a lookout. Within 40 minutes, they found her car and her baby safe and sound.

"I can honestly say within an hour I went through ever human emotion that anyone could have," Amy's husband, James, said. "The highs, the lows, and everything in between."

Amy thought her nightmare was over after police had found her baby safely inside the stolen car. But that nightmare was continued yesterday afternoon as she was arrested right in front of our cameras.

"At the very early stages of the investigation, she was less than cooperative with investigators," Chatham County police spokesman Mike Wilson said.

Amy Emmick is charged with driving on a revoked license and contributing to the deprivation of a child.

"I feel that I'm an excellent mother," she said. "I feel like I used poor judgment and I feel like I did make a mistake."

But the Emmicks are angry that the man who stole their car and their baby is still on the loose.

"I don't feel innocent in this at all, but I'm not the one stealing cars or people's children," Amy said after being released from jail. "I feel like the criminal needs to be here not me."

Now police are still looking for the man seen in the surveillance video pictured here. They believe he is a suspect in the car theft and kidnapping. Meanwhile, the baby's parents are very upset about what happened yesterday. They say they're now looking for a good attorney.

Amy says she had special papers allowing her to drive, but police beg to differ. Police also say the keys were in the ignition when the car was stolen, and Amy says they were not.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,