Savannah Alderman Charged with DUI

David Jones
David Jones
Ola Brown
Ola Brown

Savannah police arrested alderman David Jones this morning. The charge stems from a January accident in which Ola Brown was killed. Soon after the accident, Jones told WTOC that he had had a few drinks that night. Now the blood-alcohol test results from both Jones and Brown are in.

Jones' lawyer spoke only with WTOC. He says David Jones is very depressed over the situation. This morning, Jones turned himself in to police, charged with DUI. Now the former police officer awaits his day in court.

"We received the results and they showed that he was DUI, over the limit of .08 in Georgia," Lt. Jimmy Stevens of SPD said.

But it wasn't just Jones who was over the limit. Police say Ola Brown was as well. Her blood alcohol level was .222--almost three times the legal limit. They also say she is the person who caused the accident.

"Mr. Jones was not at fault in the accident, so there will be no further charges against him," said Stevens.

Jones posted a $1,500 bond and now must face court. His lawyer, James Blackburn, Jr., tells us this past month has not been easy for him.

"I think he is somewhat depressed over the situation," Blackburn said. "It's a very sad situation, particularly when there was nothing he could do. It happened so fast that there wasn't anyway to avoid it."

We have also learned that Ola Brown's family is looking into a civil lawsuit against David Jones, but no word yet on how much or when.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,