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A Hampton County woman is missing. Deputies say she may have been kidnapped from her home early this morning. Our Lowcountry reporter Jaime Dailey is in Hampton County. She'll have the latest from investigators in her LIVE report.

The Winged Lion Fountain is finally back at Savannah's Cotton Exchange on Bay Street after the famous statue was destroyed by a car more than a year ago. Brooke Kelley was there today as the first part of the lion was put in place - and found out why it took so long to restore the Savannah landmark.

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A Bloomingdale family is picking up the pieces after their house was destroyed by an early morning fire. Jennifer Serda spoke with family members as they sifted through the ashes but what they said may surprise you.

Cadets at Benedictine Military School honored one of their own who died in the attack of Pearl Harbor 68 years ago today. Michelle Paynter was at the traditional ceremony this morning as they paid tribute to George K. Gannam.

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A family's pet deer is shot and killed in front of its family's home Friday. Now its owners and an entire community want to know why. Justin Burrows has been following this story. He'll have the latest on the investigation.

If it sounds too good to be true - it usually is! One Metter woman found that out the hard way when she became the target of a money scheme. Don Logana has been investigating and found out how the suspects used WTOC in the scheme.

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