Man's Wheelchair Stolen

Green's wheelchair was similar to this one.
Green's wheelchair was similar to this one.

A Chatham County man is the victim of a cruel and heartless theft. Someone stole Jeffry Green's handicapped-accessible van--a blue 1995 Plymouth Voyager--early today at his home in the Regency Two mobile home park. His expensive electric wheelchair and many of his medications were still inside.

He still needs to find a way to get around. He depends on his wheelchair and his car. He says he's just hoping someone will realize what they've taken and leave it somewhere where police will spot it.

"Why they would like stealing a man's wheels, I don't know," he said. "It really hurts a person."

Green has had his mobility stolen right out from under him.

"I wish they'd park it somewhere so police would find it for me. I need that wheelchair," he said.

Green has had 22 operations for his heart and his back over the last few years. While he can get along pretty well with a cane sometimes, he does require a wheelchair most of the time.

"You're lost without it. It's like a pair of legs," Green told us.

And it's expensive. Green's wheelchair costs about $6,800 and he has no guarantee his insurance will pay for another one.

"I think some kids probably took it for a joy ride, maybe. They don't realize what they've got," he said.

But Green realizes what's gone. Now he just wants his wheels--van and chair--back.

"They can have everything else," Green said. "My tools and stuff out of it. Just leave my wheelchair and my van, that's all."

Green's van has a handicapped tag, number 2192. It was stolen from Regency Two mobile home park off of Quacco Road. If you have any information on who stole it or where it might be, call CrimeStoppers at 234-2020 or call Chatham County police.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,