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Residents concerned about completion of Truman Parkway

 By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's a project envisioned and designed decades ago, and now the money has come through to finish the Truman Parkway. The Department of Transportation approved $128 million to complete the project, but not everyone is thrilled about phase five, especially people who live right in its path.

Residents living off of Whitfield Avenue will be seeing the construction, and folks off Holland Drive will see the parkway go up in their backyards. Depending on who you talk to, there's a different reaction.

Jerry Barton, who lives off Whitfield Avenue said, "I don't really think it's going to have a big impact on us, even though it's relatively close, but it's going across the marsh far enough so we won't be able to see it."

While Barton has accepted the project, his next door neighbor, Ed Smith hasn't. "We don't like it," said Smith. "It hasn't been well for us since it started. We're getting more and more traffic, it's really going to be the devil out here for us."

Smith's not alone, not wanting phase five, on the other side of town folks living off Holland Drive are just as concerned.

The county bought the right away off Holland Drive, and the empty lot at Abercorn and Holland Drive, which used to be a gas station to construct phase five. No homes off Holland Drive will have to be torn down, but for people like Jennifer Ashlock and Judy Anderson the Truman will now be in their backyards.

"Traffic wise I think it would make traveling easier, living here, I want to move," said Anderson.  "All the construction going on in all, it's really going to be a headache."

"Putting that new road in is going to bring more traffic, more congestion, more noise, and probably make it harder to sell," added Ashlock.

The county is hoping to start the bidding process later this month.

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