Beaufort County Administrator Faces Suspension

After driving with an expired and suspended license, Beaufort County administrator John Kackmar could be suspended without pay for a week, and even worse, he could lose his county vehicle privileges. This came to a head when Beaufort police pulled over Kackmar for speeding on Friday morning and found out he hasn't had a valid license for nearly two years.

"Mr. Kachmar told council he believed his license was valid," said Weston Newton, the council chairman.

Kachmar's Minnesota license expired back in 2000, but was later suspended when he failed to pay a $50 traffic fine from Pennsylvania. Kachmar told WTOC, "I made a mistake. I should have taken care of it."

Kachmar says he received the ticket two years ago in Pennsylvania while driving a rental car, but he tucked it away in the glove box and forgot about it. When police found out he had an expired license, he says it was a surprise not only to him but to County officials.

"It's the first time any driving infraction has come to the attention of the Beaufort County Council," said Newton.

It's a violation that could leave Kachmar suspended without pay for up to a week.

"He is in violation of our county vehicle policy, and we're having an executive session of county council Monday to address the matter," said Newton.

Mr. Kachmar told WTOC, "I violated the rules, I have to be punished just like anyone else."

Kachmar's car has been parked in the county parking lot since Tuesday, and he is not allowed to drive it until this is all cleared up. He will pay off the fine in Pennsylvania and says he expects to have a valid license next week. But county council will decide on Monday if he'll be able to drive a county vehicle or if he'll be suspended from work.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,