Money Wise--Putting Beauty Products to the Test

The question many of us ask after watching an infomercial is, does that really work? That's especially the case when it comes to beauty products. They pitch beauty products that make getting gorgeous seem effortless. But do the products do what they claim? To find out, the Good Housekeeping Institute's testers tried two popular hair care products.

The Revo Styler promises to straighten the most difficult hair and make it shinier than you've ever seen. Good Housekeeping's testers said the rotating brushes took some getting used to.

"When I first tried to use it, it was a little hard to use," tester Taneisha Young said. "But once I got the hang of it, it was a very good product for my hair, I really liked it."

The Revo Styler says: "Practice makes perfect! As you get comfortable with using the Revo Styler, you will find that it takes less and less time to achieve astonishing results."

Another infomercial that promises to give your hair a lift is the "Wrap Snap-n-Go" for $20. The ad claims this set of interlocking rollers will give you lift, volume, and curl overnight. So a Good Housekeeping technician wrapped, snapped and went to sleep. Or tried to. The next morning, tester Susan Booth said, "As far as sleeping comfortably, forget it, I felt like I had knots on the side of my head."

The manufacturer agrees sleeping in them takes some getting used to but maintains the product curls like it promises.

Good Housekeeping says there are some infomercial products that do work just fine. If you decide to order, you can sometimes save money by paying the whole amount at once instead of breaking down into monthly payments. It's certainly worth asking. To check out some other products put to the test, log on to the Good Housekeeping website.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,