Editorial feedback - 12/14/09

Viewers respond to Fat Government / Flat Wallet

John Marshall
Statesboro, GA

I agree whole-heartedly with the editiorial Fat Government /Flat Wallet.  Thank you.

John Payne
Savannah, GA

Dear Sir, I have just finished listening your your editioral for the evening of 12/14/09.
I found it quite offensive.
I find that there is no room for the Right Wng Babble that you spout. We are living in a time where the past Adminestration (BUSH) and the religious right have taken this great county to the brink, our health system is out of controll. the education system is all but non-extistent.
Taxes are needed and if you have ever took the time to read Platos Republic. Look at the European Countries and opened your mind the words like "Socialism" would not scare you. My guess is that you probley are on Medacare or if you are a vet (as I am) you would find the VA to be just that.
Open your mind, read both sides, learn. Then spout you opinion. If you turely learn then it would not be Right Wing but for all people.

Joseph Grimes
Saint Simons Island, GA

Dear Bill,

The tone of your editorial on December 14, 2009 disturbed me almost as much as the content.  You sounded like a conspiracy theorist.  Most of those I hear expressing your point of view are long on opinion and short on facts.  For our mutual benefit let me review the facts as I understand them.  The economy is in the condition it is mostly because of what occurred prior to the Obama administration taking office.  The last administration entered office with a surplus in the budget.  They proceeded to enter a war of choice which is costing billions.  They supported an easing of oversight on financial markets, following Phil Graham's leadership.  They supported an expansion of Medicare with a pharmaceutical plan that cost $800 billion, with no consideration of how to pay for it.   (More to come in e-mail)lems.  You claim to be a knowledgeable defender of the Constitution, but your opinions suggest something far different.  Do you have a Constitutionally acceptable solution to the conspiracy you suggest Obama is implementing? You should read again what you are saying.