Metter Police Officer Shot on Duty

A Metter Police officer is recovering after he was shot on the job on Friday night. It started with a traffic stop that turned into a shootout.

"The officer attempted to make a traffic stop," explained Metter Police Chief Randy Ellison, "what appeared to be a low risk traffic stop. The subject, the violator, refused to stop at that point and time and a pursuit occurred."

Police say the suspect drove off, but lost control of his car and crashed into a curb on Bay Street. He tried to get out of the car and run off; however, by that time another officer arrived to back up the first police officer. Chief Ellison says the three men struggled and one of the officers was shot in the hand. The suspect, 24 year old Patrick Coney, was also shot. Investigators are not saying if the bullet that hit the officer was from his own gun, the gun of the other officer, or possibly the suspect. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is waiting for ballistic results to see which bullet came from which gun.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has not released the officer's name; however, GBI officials say as of Saturday, both men were in stable condition. The suspect, Patrick Coney could be arraigned later in the week. He's charged with aggravated assault.