Local Company Sends Soldiers Care Packages

As the tension builds in the Persian Gulf region, groups all over are making sure our soldiers know we're thinking of them. WTOC caught up with employees of a local business busy packing up their second batch of packages for the soldiers. Kerr McGee adopted 25 soldiers. Appropriately, all are in a chemical company. They say after they sent the first shipment of packages, a little inspiration fired them up to do it again.

"I said we need to make sure this gets done, cause I don't want anyone to feel left out," company representative Cathy Pershey told us.

And the employees found out the soldiers were very appreciative. They already employees already received letters of thanks for their first shipment. One reads, "It makes me proud to be an American soldier, it really is true that a little can make a big difference.

"When I got it I scanned the letters and sent them out on email so everyone could see the letters," Pershey said.

Kerr McGee is one of many local businesses adopting soldiers thanks to the help of a group called Southern Smiles, and they plan on sending out more packages in May. And they really hope to hear from the soldiers as soon as possible because those letters mean so much.

Reported by: Holly Bristow, hbristow@wtoc.com