Hometown Hero: Bob Walls

By Jennifer Serda - email | bio

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The hustle and bustle of the week often leaves no time for lunch or pleasantries, but this hometown hero is making sure the men and women at the Chatham County Courthouse are quickly fed and get some good company.

For the past five years, Robert Walls, better known as Bob, has worked at Omega's Courthouse Café in the Courthouse, feeding and entertaining those that enter his corner store.

"Courthouses are a legal place and most of the people that come through here are nervous getting in-front of a judge they come in here and I cut up with them talk to them find out what's going on with them," said Bob.

Bob is legally blind but that does not stop him for offering the best to his customers.

"I think it's just up lifting, I think he's just a great guy and fun to have around. As you can look around and see, it's not the sterol environment of a court house, it's something a lot more special," said Superior Court Judge Penny Freesemann.

For his dedication, Bob won the 2009 Blind Vendor of the Year and is a WTOC Hometown Hero.

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