Marine Corps Family Support

A group of Marines left from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort today. Most of the military families in Beaufort are far from their relatives, and with their spouses out on deployment, they're looking for support. Lisa Mykleby knows all too well the roles of a military wife. In December, her husband, Executive Officer Mark Mykleby, deployed with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115 aboard the USS Harry S. Truman, heading for the Middle East as part of the global war on terrorism.

Now as the senior wife of the Silver Eagles, she plays a key role, not only at home raising her two-year-old son, but within the squadron family. Lisa is part of the key volunteer program working to keep military families informed and comforted.

"We're all in this together and it helps to know that we have so many people that we can count on," she said.

Not only does Lisa help other military families through this program, but she says it also gives her support.

"It's helped the time pass for me, and I've met so many amazing people," she said.

The Marine Corps Family Team Building is designed to help military families with anything from childcare to teaching them about the military. And this becomes especially important during deployments.

Pamela Hodson, the Marine Corps Family Team Building coordinator, told us, "If we provide the support for the families and spouses at home, then the Marines can do their jobs that much better because they're not worrying about their spouses or families."

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,