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Cold temperatures are continuing as wintry weather makes its way across the southeast and when the temperatures drop, we look for ways to protect ourselves, our plants and our animals from the cold, but what about the bees?

It may sound strange but the cold is taking its toll on the bee population and as Lynda Figueredo found out, bee keepers are busy protecting their hives.

The health department in South Carolina is opening H1N1 clinics throughout the Lowcountry hoping to vaccinate as many people as possible. Jaime Dailey was at one of the clinics today to see how the program is going.

New free prescription drug cards being offered by the City of Savannah are already flying off the shelves. The program helps Savannah residents save up to 20 percent on their medications, but how to the savings really all add up? Medical reporter Melanie Ruberti has been following this and she'll have all the details.

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