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Life in the kitchen has its ups and downs. Washing dishes, searching for the perfect storage container, and those annoying spills. Since for most people, cleaning up is the least favorite thing to do, the Good Housekeeping Institute has discovered some gadgets that may make your life in the kitchen a little more pleasant, and they're all under $10.

The right product makes any job easier. But finding the right one can often be a chore in itself. GHI's testers say for taking the elbow grease out of cleaning dirty appliances and dishes, the Dawn Power Dissolver packs a punch. When sprayed on lasagna pans, then left for ten minutes, a solvent in the Power Dissolver attacked the baked-on food.

"By the time we went to wash the pans, the crust was loosened so much that it came off with ease and we hardly had to scrub them at all," GHI's Sue Booth said.

And now with less work in the kitchen, how about a nice cup of coffee, without any of the mess? Good Housekeeping likes the Buddeez dispenser.

"The bag-in dispenser holds the bag that the coffee comes in," explained home appliances director Sharon Franke.  "It keeps it neat, and the best thing about it is it has a scoop that fits right in the side, so it's always there when you need it."

Another gadget that can help keep the kitchen clean is the OXO Good Grips funnel set.

"The Oxo Good Grips funnels have rubber ridges on the sides which help them to stay in place in any size bottle or jar," Franke said. "So it doesn't rock around and lead to spills."

The Oxo Funnels also come with a strainer to eliminate sediment or lumps as you pour.

And there are plenty more products out there. You can find other helpful gadgets costing under $10 in the April issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. And GHI says  the Dawn Power Dissolver also works on cleaning oven windows and microwave ovens.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,