Church members Skype with missionaries in Haiti

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some church members were able to make contact with their loved ones who are currently in Haiti.

At the Grace Church of the Islands, church members were able see and talk to missionaries from their church using Skype.

The group seemed upbeat given the circumstances and none of them were injured during the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday.

"I knew he was fine because I had spoken to him by satellite phone last night and I knew that the Lord was going to provide. He was faithful and provided, but it's still great to see him on the camera," said Mary Ellen Calderon whose son is in Haiti right now.

Because of the limited access to Haiti, the missionaries are still unable to fly home. The church is trying to make arrangements, but it could be days before they're able to leave the island.

The church is also collecting donations for items food, duct tape, LED flash lights and bug spray. Donations can be dropped off at 6901 Concord Road on Wilmington Island.

Grace Chruch of the Islands can be reached at 912.898.0170.

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