US, Britain, Spain Will Not Seek New UN Resolution

AP -- The US and other sponsors of a UN resolution on Iraq say they won't be seeking a vote on it. The announcement was made by the British ambassador to the UN before the start of today's Security Council discussions. Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock says it's clear that consensus won't be possible. US ambassador John Negroponte said he agreed with the British conclusion. Greenstock was particularly critical of France--while not mentioning the country by name. He said it had made clear it would veto any ultimatum to Iraq--no matter what. And Greenstock said the result of that move would be no ultimatum to Iraq, and no pressure to disarm.

President Bush will be addressing the nation tonight--as his spokesman says, "The diplomatic window has now been closed" on Iraq. Ari Fleischer tells reporters that the UN "has failed to enforce its own demands." The Bush address will come at 8pm, EST.

The comments came as the US and the British announced they were abandoning plans to seek UN Security Council approval for a new resolution allowing the use of force against Iraq.

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