Gadsden teacher waits to hear from family in Haiti

Indira Charles-Hyppolite
Indira Charles-Hyppolite

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - As the situation in Haiti continues to develop, we are finding some close ties to the devastated nation right here in the Coastal Empire.

One Savannah Teacher is still waiting to hear if her family is ok.

Indira Charles-Hyppolite is a third grade teacher at Gadsden Elementary School.

While she is doing her best to teach her students and her daughter Kelina is doing her best to learn, what they are thinking about most is what's going on in Haiti.

Indira was born and raised in Haiti and both she and her husband have quite a few family members there, family members they haven't heard from since the earthquake struck.

"We are still trying everyday, he's been watching television," said Hyppolite. "He spent the whole day looking to actually see if family members that say you know what we are ok saying that I'm ok, but it hasn't happened. We are just playing the waiting game and it hurts."

While Indira is waiting she is getting some unique comfort. All the students at Gadsden Elementary are not in uniform. They paid money to dress down. All the money goes towards relief efforts in Haiti.

"It's going toward our home. They are going to help and that makes us feel very grateful from the bottom of our hearts,"said Hyppolite.

"It makes me feel better that they care,"said Kelina Momperousse.

The students raised about $700 in one day. The principal, Dr. Deborah Jones, says this shows that the students really understand what's going on in Haiti and they want to help.

"Our children know we don't live in this world by ourselves, all though we may be in this community, we are a part of the larger community, the community of the world,"said Dr. Jones.

For Indira and Kelina, just knowing these students are stepping up to help is helping them get through this uncertain and unsettling time.

There are quite a few schools collecting money in our area.

If your school is helping out, send an email to or, or you can post it on our facebook page.

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