Haiti mission team back home with their families

(Source: Grace Church of the Islands)
(Source: Grace Church of the Islands)
(Source: Grace Church of the Islands)
(Source: Grace Church of the Islands)

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Fourteen members of the Grace Church of the Islands mission team are finally home with their families.

They arrived around 3am Saturday morning in Savannah after working around the clock to help hurt Haitians.

WTOC has exclusive video of the family and friends as they eagerly await the arrival of the 14 people who were part of the medical mission that was in Haiti when it was rocked by a powerful earthquake.

We spoke to the group members after they caught up on much needed sleep and precious time with their families.

"I was very glad to be home and glad to be greeted by my daughter," said trauma nurse Sharon Rowlett. "We are safe."

Sharon Rowlett and her husband Dr. John Rowlett, were part of the Grace Church of the Islands missionary team that was working at the ministry's compound in Haiti, 25 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

"We thought we were going for a medical mission at a very nice well stocked pharmacy," said Dr. Rowlett. "We had no idea we would have to use all the things we had."

Little did this team know they would live through a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and become the first aid many of the Haitian people desperately needed.

"It felt like a train came by at about 4pm," Bobby Wiggins. "I didn't know what happened. I remember somebody yelling get out."

Within a few hours, it became clear what this team needed to do.

"They came on foot, they came on people's backs, " said Dr. Rowlett. "One guy got carried in literally on his bed."

"We ran out of supplies so fast for cast making and ways to splint broken bones and what not," Joan Kornblatt. "We were using palm fronds for splints."

The church's pastor says this was the perfect team to do the work needed to help the people of Haiti.

"We had emergency room doctors, nurses, a green Beret," said senior pastor Brannon Bowman. "He is our own personal MacGyver. He (God) put these people to get things done. He put folks with technical experience, people with connections back here to get home."

The mission of the group was to help the Haitians and they plan on continuing their work by donating money.

If you would like to help with their mission, you can write a check to the Grace Church of the Islands and put on the memo line for Haiti relief.

One hundred percent of the funds donated will go directly to the clinic, school, orphanage and church of the Presbyterian mission in Haiti.

The church has been involved with the mission for the past ten years.

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