Hunter Army Airfield soldier headed to Haiti

By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A Haitian soldier from Hunter Army Airfield will be going to Haiti with soldiers from Fort Bragg to help with translation and logistics in his devastated homeland.

Spc. Jean-Denis Semprevil was born in Haiti, has family there and speaks the language. The military was looking for someone who could speak fluent Creole and Spc. Semprevil was exactly who they were looking for.

His mission has been postponed 30 days early Wednesday morning, however we caught up with Semprevil Tuesday as he prepared to leave for Fort Bragg and then Haiti. Semprevil has aunts, uncles, neices, nephews and cousins who live north of Port-au-Prince. They were not hurt or effected by the earthquake, but know many people who were.

He calls Haiti one nation. When one hurts, they all hurt and it is painful enough watching on TV to see the damage done to his homeland. Now, he will see it in person.

"It feels like an honor. It's not just my people, but as one all Haitians. We live there. I am going as a soldier to help out and as a Haitian to do all I can to show them I am here for them," Seprevil told WTOC. "I just hope when I get there I stay strong. I know it is sad enough. I saw it on TV. It is very sad. If someone can shed a tear on TV, there is no telling what will happen when you see it and I hope God gives me the strength to help these people."

Semprevil lived in Haiti until he was 15-years-old and speaks Creole fluently, so he thinks he will have no problem helping translate for volunteers and doctors.

The Army specialist logictics officer was scheduled to be driven up to Fort Bragg Wednesday morning and to fly out with the rest of the troops to Haiti, arriving before the end of the week. However, plans have since changed. Specialist Semprevil's mission has been pushed back 30 days. He will leave for Haiti late next month.

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