Someone You Should Know--Karen Sutton

Karen Sutton's on her way, hoping her voice will carry her to the top. This Savannah Arts Academy student's singing--which she's been doing since she was four years old--has taken her all the way to New York City. But even though this senior sees stars, she still has her feet on the ground.

"At a youth anniversary, I remember singing going up the yonder and since then, it's just been something I love to do," she says.

Little did she know 14 years later she'd be asked to sing the National Anthem in front of close to 5,000 people at a Gulfstream celebration. She was also given the opportunity earlier this month to audition for its Showtime at the Apollo at the Apollo Theater in New York.

"That was a godsend, it was unplanned," she says. "No one knew anything about it, I mean we mailed the tape off but we didn't know we'd hear anything as soon as we did, and I went there I did my thing. I performed and it was awesome."

This Savannah Arts Academy senior is also taking dance classes, but she feels on top of the world when she's singing.

"I like to make the audience smile," Karen says. "I like to hear the audience cheering. I like to touch someone's heart."

Not only is Karen talented, she's smart. In fact, she was recently selected to be a member of the National Honor Roll.

"I was once asked a question, I believe it was said, 'Do you consider yourself a pearl or a diamond?'" she recalls. "And i consider myself a pearl because I'm well rounded. I truly believe knowledge is the key to everything. You always have to have something to fall back on."

But if her dreams come true, all her hard work will one day land her a career in the music industry.

Karen Sutton, Someone You Should Know.

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