Home from Haiti

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We see images from Haiti on television and most of us can't imagine what it's like in person.  But Pastor Freddie Hebron of the Christian Revival Center was there and just came back Friday.

"It was devastating," described Hebron. Something you've never seen before. It was completely an eye opener."

Pastor Hebron was in Port au Prince when the quake hit.  "I didn't know what was happening, until the cooks in our mission house started crying out.  They didn't know, but when I saw literally the whole building sway I said 'Oh Lord,' and the only thing you can do is cry out for Jesus."

And that's what they did.  They were on the second floor in a doorway of the warehouse.  "If our mission house would have gone down, we would have gone down with it," said Hebron. "The power of God is powerful, that protected us."

Hebron described the coming days and night. "In the calm of the day you hear someone cry out, you know what they're crying out for. They've gotten word that their family member didn't make it out."

He describes the scenes, "Streets are blocked off, there's no traffic coming because people sleep in the streets at night, they stay in the streets during the day."

He says an entire city came to its knees in a matter of seconds. "The very foundation of everything they built their lives on is gone.  Just that fast.  Just that fast," said Hebron.

The sights unbearable.  Death all around them. Destruction on every corner.  But through it all he could still see the miracles and little mysteries. "We had 5000 tents in our warehouse and those tents came a year before.  But I never knew what God had intended for the tents, so I kept them in the warehouse."

It seemed like an odd donation at the time.  Pastor Hebron joked about when they got them.  "No one needs tents in Haiti."

So they thought. Little did he know those tents would provide shelter to thousands of families. And that's not all, just days before the quake containers of food showed up to the warehouse, well ahead of schedule. "I couldn't understand why six containers of food showed up in one day, which is totally out of the norm. You don't clear customs that fast," said Hebron.

But he sees now, it was God's plan. "I was there for a purpose, and I knew what that purpose was, and I knew that I would come back home," said Hebron.

He won't be home for long.  Pastor Hebron is heading back to Haiti in a few days.  His church is collecting supplies. Hebron says what they need most is rice, beans, canned meats: like sardines or cans of SPAM.  They have water now, but need powdered milk and baby formula.  Also, they need generators and charcoal, along with medicines and any personal hygiene items.  All the donations can be dropped off at the Christian Revival Center, located at Bull and 37th Streets in Savannah.

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