Third ID soldiers deploy for Haiti

Posted by Raef Williams - email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - More than 150 3rd Infantry Division soldiers were deployed to Haiti Saturday afternoon with the mission of providing to support to the rattled nation.

Today, soldiers with the 10th Transportation Company, 260th Quartermaster packed up their gear, trucks and humvees and loaded up to fly out.

Yesterday, WTOC was first to show you how the battalion was prepping trucks to carry supplies in the country.

Officers say the mission presents an exciting opportunity to help those in need.

"We're very excited and looking forward to going out and being able to really help out the people of Haiti," said 3rd ID captain Stephen Lambe. "There's so much to be done down there to recover from this earthquake so we're proud to be representing the division down there, and hopefully making a big difference in getting supplies to people who need them the most."

They're taking 70 trucks and 35 trailers - each capable of carrying about five tons of cargo.

The soldiers don't know how long they'll be in Haiti.

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