Local Church Opens Its Doors

Shortly after the attack on Iraq began, people turned to their faith in hopes of seeking guidance. WTOC talked with one pastor as he waited to provide hope to many families in our community.

"I just feel the tension that a lot of people are feeling," Pastor James Rogers of Jonesville Baptist Church said. "I am just grateful that I have the confidence in God."

Holding his bible as a weapon a weapon of faith, Pastor Rogers worries about the consequences of war.

"War is not a good feeling," he said. "It's a time of a great deal of stress, and there are a lot of lives at stake here."

Americas first move is already creating shockwaves around the world, and in this community church, they've prayed especially for the soldiers that call Jonesville Baptist home.

"Just imagine what their families are going through, just thinking about whether or not things are really safe," said Rogers.

The chairs of his church sat empty last night, but soon they will fill with people seeking faith and comfort. The church will be open all day for anybody who wants to pray. Pastor Rogers said, "Our faith in God is the only thing that can really help us with the stress of this type of conflict."

But even now, Pastor Rogers is waiting by his phone for calls for help. He knows that just as our troops have a job to do, he to has a job to help the seeds of faith, keeping those back here strong.

Reported by: Ryan Young, ryoung@wtoc.com