Prayer Meeting on Eve of War

The 48-hour deadline President Bush gave to Saddam Hussein had come and gone, and not knowing when air strikes would begin kept many of us glued to our televisions last night. It also gave many one more reason to attend Wednesday night prayer services.

The Coastal Cathedral congregation gathered before the alter, taking each other's hands for a special prayer. Pastor Dale Dyar asked for names and for pictures of military men and women special to his congregation.

"We hold up every loved one mentioned tonight, that you know who they are and send an angel to protect them," he said. "When we pray together it, it gives you strength and there's a peace that comes from prayer."

And in a time of war and uncertainty, that's just what this congregation needs.

"Bring these troops home safely, God, bring every one of them home safely," he prayed. "Keep these people in your hearts and in your mind."

One member of the church said last night felt like deja vu. She says she remembered being at church, hearing bombs were being dropped over Baghdad the night Desert Storm began.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,