Students Write Soldiers

As things heat up the Middle East, it's becoming harder and harder for some Low Country students to concentrate on school. The impact on some of these kids is really hitting close to home, considering many of them have loved ones involved.

Students in Ms. Browder's grade school world geography class are learning about world hunger, but many of their minds are miles away in the Kuwaiti desert, where friends and loved ones are fighting for our country.

"I know some friends that are over there and I wonder if they're going to fight or if they'll come back," student Adam Gibbons said.

Many students here at Robert Smalls Middle School have such concerns because many of them are military children.

Madeline Cassady said, "Sometimes I worry about the fact that my cousin could go overseas, or that my father could. But I know I have to learn and that I have to get my education."

Focusing can be hard when email is your only means of communication with your father while he's out at sea. Counselors and teachers have been answering student's questions about the war as a way to ease their minds. Many classrooms are actually writing letters to our local troops as a way of coping with the situation.

Denise Smith, the school's principal, told us, "Any time a child writes, it's a catharsis. It's an avenue for them to express their feelings."

Students at Robert Smalls Middle School will continue to write to the troops until they return home.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,