Top Teacher: Debi Parrish

By Jennifer Serda - email | bio

PORTAL, GA (WTOC) - Technology can often be an intimidating thing, but one WTOC Top Teacher is making sure her students are prepared for the future.

For 20 years Debi Parrish has made it her mission to motivate young minds and help them learn; while her goal has remained the same, the tools she uses have changed.

Instead of a chalkboard Parrish uses a Smart Board, which allows her to make learning interactive.

"Technology is key to my teaching these days, you see the smart board, it allows kids to interact with learning it keeps them engaged in learning and it allows me to add things into the lesson like educational websites or music and songs to make learning fun," said Parrish.

Parrish teaches first grade at Portal Elementary School but does not think age makes a difference when it comes to learning new technology.

"These children they just amaze me they can maximize, minimize screens, they can click on the academic folder to go to the programs they need to go to, you can just see a pattern of exceptional computer skills and technology," said Parrish.

For preparing students for the future Debi Parrish is a WTOC Top Teacher.

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